Monday, April 19, 2010


*Ayna's drawing, hihi maap2 curik XD*

My friend request of one of my besht fwen punya mama was approved just a while ago!

Tup2 tiba2 she tegur me through facebook punya chat.

Dpt la get a bit update about Ayna. Katanya Ayna pon like me, study2 bwat project mlm2 macam siang XD
Ayna, she said you worked so hard smpai lupa nak makan n ade skali smpai pengsan!! aynaaa take care of yourself yaa?? =(

Then mama Ayna said something unexpected. She said she was looking through my fb. Hilangkan rindu.

Eh ehh! I felt a little bit weird because I jaranggggg sgt2 dpt jumpa Ayna. N the only times I was able to meet mama Ayna was when I met Ayna haha XD tu pon sgt3 jarang!

Ada lagi rupanya org yg sygkan n rindukan kanak2 sebegini =')

*conclusion: tgk fb org utk lepaskan rindu? oh nononono XD*

She then said she had to go send Ayna's younger sister to tuition. Adik dia pon sama je, rajin sgt blaja sampai tak igt benda lain.
She then said that I am Ayna's younger sister punya model. Nak ikot my jejak.

*same feeling repeats; I jarang jumpa her younger sister also! What more sgt2 lah kurang kenal! XD*

Even so, auntie wished me well, reminded me to not forget my solat =)

Though I may not be sososoo good to be dicontohi like that (I have my own flaws, which are not little I tell you XD), it surely gave me the spirit to improve myself!! =)

Thank you auntie for caring even a stranger like me, thank you Erny for setting me as your example though I do not think I am that honorable. I'm sure you will be a much more successful person as your kerajinan is from your ownself, not from others! =)

Last but not least.. Congratulations AYna for getting the pelajar TerbaiK!!! =D =D I'm sososososo happy for you!!! =D jom golek2 sama2 *golek2* hihihik XD

You deserve it Ayna! You worked so hard, and alhamdulillah Dia balas apa yg Ayna usahakan =)

*back in 2008 maybe? XD*
I miss you Ayna!!! Luv u sososo muchhh =)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Baby words yg kiut miut

I dunno I dunno! ..cold2 cream?

Boooo booo! Belu belu melody :D

ni orkidlah!

*munch2* miao

Jetplane says.. kiss2?

pichi pichi

Ais says.. <3

vroom vroom go :(

Hunny boy hug2