Friday, May 21, 2010

Pakcik Guitar kami suke :D

While I was playing my guitar in the morning with bonda, tiba2 tali B terputussss waaaaaaaaahhhhhh =((

Dgn hati yg bersedih, tetap gagah perkasa menemani Kak Ada utk hantar bonda n mama Yaya ke airport JFK (okie sgt skema XD)

I went to Rainbow baru petang tadi to get it fixed. Thankfully, org kat situ kate no prob, the string also costs 2$ only yayyyyyyy =D

BUT!!! Tiba2 teringat.. I have no cash with me, only my debit card aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa XD I then ask him whether I could use my debit card~ he said kenot (duh) n minimum must be 7$.
He then said I could change all strings then it'll be 12$.

I then asked him, should I change them all?

Pikir2 skjap, he turned to his friend and asked his opinion.

Kwn dia tanye, which string to replace? Dia kate B string. Then his friend suddenly said "just give it to her. She bought the guitar here anyways."

Then that guy said "oh u bought it here? *looks at my guitar* ooh u added these (while pointing at the stickers, dolphinsss hahahah*"
I laughed n said yes XD

WAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh tak sangka pakcik guitar tu remembers me!! I bought the guitar mcm last year kottt, boleh dia ingat lg eh??
Da la bagi je tali tu, oh ade hikmah I din bring cash weeeeeeeeeeeee XD

Syg pakcik guitar!! tankiu2!! XD

Resketching wat he looked like with paint effortlessly :P

*pakcik guitar yg mmg ala2 rock =9*

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Washington DC

Salam =)

I went to DC last Sunday with Kak Ada, Yaya+ mama Yaya and Bonda! We only spent the evening there, managed to see the Washington monument, WWII memorial, nmpak patung Abraham Lincoln yg besar tu and the White House! =)

*D of Energy? XD*

*Washington monument, aka pencil :P*

*kenot remember wat statue this is XD*

*yes that's the White House! XD*

*Library kot =)*

*Massachusetts: remembered promoting this state back in Intec dulu for ACS tourism! Come to Cape Codddd :P*

*WWII Memorial*

*Midwest nnt kat sini =D*

*the place where the statue of Abraham Lincoln resides nyahaha*

*Patung Abraham Lincoln! Just like in the Night at The Museum punya movie, pfft :D*

It was BLAZING HOTT, n we walked very2 byk haha XD susah mo carik parking, but managed to get one. Nasib baek it was a Sunday, so no need to pay nything =)

mkn picnic dgn our bekal2, but tertinggal tikar in the car wops =D

*Nice Sunset sky. Otw back home*

Otw back, managed to singgah gerai2 to get souvenirs. Dpt buy the spoon and.... MY SCHOOL BAG! XD

My new school bag is only 7$ nyahaha =P

*7$ only, cantik2 n besar weee =)*

My old back pack da tak dpt diselamatkn, Bai da cuba sedaya upaya sob3 ='(

*Mind you, that hole is NOT bahagian Zip sob3*

*ni la my new handbag, ken stuff in lots of stuff :D*

Papai old bagpack merah, jasamu yg byk pasti dikenang =)

While removing the keychains from my old bagpack, I realized that each of them had its own value. Some given by my great friends, hearts3 here :P

*byk kn keychain? yesh I am gedik :D*

All in all, I had lots of fun visiting DC n jalan2 btol2 XD The first time I came to DC was just for Raya celebration, tak jalan2 =)

Till next time! =)

Commencement 2010

Masa baru2 sampai Pennstate, our seniors were jusstt about to enter their junior year.
Diorang la yg dtg sambut us, ajar2 about how to find food with UDK symbols haha XD

How time flies!! Seniors2 da graduate last friday, saturday n sunday. I went to two of them; on Friday and Saturday.

Friday tu malam at 8pm I think, we sampai2 just to congratulate Budin n Sapek (dua org je rupanya budak engineering hehe) n amik2 gamba =)

*The stage, ramai btol graduates and families+friends!*

On Saturday was Kak Ada's graduation, along with sume budak2 biotech n one statistics senior haha :D

*Biotech line! XD*

Jadi jurucamera for the event pakai Kak Ada's camera, n also tukang seludup kunci keta hihihi :P

Congratulations class of 2010!! You deserve those sijilssss (some buat minor kn hehe) and we wish u the best of luck! We'll miss u lots! =)

*Housematesss+sijil2 kak Ada+Bonda =)*

Watching my seniors graduate certainly made a spark somewhere in me, that made me say 'I want to graduate too.'
Semangat berkobar2 tiba2 dtg menusuk di kalbu echewahh =D

But it really did left that impact in me. Semangat yg da tergolek2 kat lantai da tumbuh sayap n terbang2 n golek2 kat langit plak =D
N watching my seniors graduate pon made me realize that.. We gotta do something with our hard-earned degrees.

Insya-Allah. Amin!

I want to graduate too!! =)

Till then, congratulations once again to:
Kak Ada <3 =)
Nasrul+Shazwan yg kurang dikenali haha

*Congratulations class of 2010!!!*


Monday, May 10, 2010

JFK, Grad dinner n NYC!

Assalamualaikum =)

Went to temankn Kak Ada amik mama dia from JFK airport on Thursday, had Grad Night on Friday Night :)
and went to New York right on Saturday morning!

Penat pula mo bercerita, so let's make it in a point-form format XD

-first day hujan lebaatt
-kasut basah, buat chem exam shoeless :P
-petang very panas, sidai kasut

*My socks XD*

*sidai-ing XD*

Journey to JFK airport:
-tak prasan GPS was set to shortest distance
-ntah mane2 dia bawak we all haha XD
-tp dpt tgk beautiful sceneries, amish village :)
-kereta kuda too! XD

*blakang keta kuda*

Grad Dinner:

-Jd driver anta2 org XD
-sorry Amri, terpaksa kacau kamu XD
-sedih da senior2 mo grad
-persembahan censored aarrrggghhh XD para makcik more experienced i guess haha
-food yg sedap, tp ckit haha
-understandable maa for the reasonable price :)

*chicken fillet IM? XD*

*cheesecake :)*


-Went to Woodburry first (if this is spelt correctly)
-4 hour journey in a rented SUV woohoo :D drove 1 hour only though
-shopping stuffs for self n family n fwens =)
-bought coach bag for the first time haha. ckop da kot buy skali, not really a branded person :) (slalu pakai beg murah2 haha)
-went to stevens university, took one hour

*NYC view from New Jersey =)*
-tumpang bilik Lela+Nad, tankiu2 kasi tumpang! =)
-maap2 kacau korang study utk final! caiyok2 ya! =)
-went to the city naek bus, ticker was 3.20 kot argh mahal!
-sampai2 very big wooo itu bandar

-mlm mcm siang haha

-jln2 n mkn chicken over rice, sedap2
-tgk movie Ironman: 1AM

-akibatnya tertito2, only remember the action scenes XD
-balik at 3AM, beli ticket
-tgg2 bas tak sampai2
-rupa2nya at 7.30am only sampai haha
-da tito 2 hours at the terminal
-decided to balik using the subway

*yaahh Iylia jd model kita XD*

-balik bilik, trus mandi n zzzzzzzzzz
-3pm bertolak back to city
-shopping souvenirs, and sweater!
-sweater pakcik india kasi discount from 29.99 to 25 haha
-ate cupcake yg manis blegh :P

*magnolia bakery eh?*
-gi Hard Rock cafe, besar!

*guitar separuh in hard rock cafe, hiasan XD*
-toys r us pon!

*made of LEgo wohoo*

*ade moving trex!! audible too XD*

*target boo, aini yg beli plak :P*

*nampak baju baby ni teringat Hani ;P*

-M&M pon besar!

*Chess set M&M wohoo XD*

*Jacket with Swavorski crystals, dun play2*

-balik bilik, pack2 mo balik at 11.30pm
-tak sempat pakai airbag haha
-mkn2 kat mcD, makan apple pie 2 :)
-bertolak balik at 1AM
-slamat sampai alhamdulillah at 5 sumting