Thursday, July 29, 2010

Belated, really2 belated :P

*from Malaysia*

Thank you very2 much duta biri2!!! :)
Loved all my birthday presents+card very very much!!!!!

to tell you the truth, I liked the baju UPSI the most hahahahak :P surely gonna wear it here at Pennstate, insya-Allah! ;p

*wlupon sgt3 belated, it was a very pleasant surprise. Thank you my friend! :)*

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Toy Story 3

*before the movie*

*after the movie*
tak sempat record another video hahaha ;p
but the movie was awesomee!!! Brought back so many fond memoriess of toy storyy :) tp ending ade sedih part huwaaaaaaaaaaa mo nangisss :(
tp 5 star overall!!! loved it!!! :D :D

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Last Airbender + Din2 :P

Last week on Friday night, me+izzati+izzah head to the cinemas to watch toy story3. But when we got there at about 9.20 sumting pm, the guy suddenly said the movie started at 9. whaat?? XD we thought that it wud start at 9.30!

sooo we browsed through other movies available, and ended up watching the Last Airbender.
My friend said that if u watched the cartoon series, u will kinda be disappointed with the movie as the characters are not as funny and cheerful as they were in the cartoon series (serious memanjang hahaha) n the storyline pon tukar2 a bit.
Oh n btw, this movie is just covering the first season. I think overall it has 4 seasons.

Maka ia adalah hampir sama saja dgn harry potter :D whoever read the books would be kinda disappointed with hp movies. and byk plak tu buku dia.

But as someone who did not follow the Avatar punya cartoon series...
WOhooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! cunnnnnnnn wooooo lalalala :D :D The graphics were really awesome, and I really liked the moves that they had (like taichi n all) and they were beautiful!! :D
N I watched it in the normal view, I BET it would be 100X more awesome in 3D because of the many effects!!! wohooooooooooo agaiinnn!! XD
*~conclusion: I like the movie very2 mucchhhh :D

Oh n it was my first time ever going to the movie theaters here in State College ;p

Then on Sunday evening, we meet up with Jo Shan and her son Shamsedin! (Shamsudin)
Her baby boy mmggggg comeeeeellllll waaaaaa n so chubby!! :D :D
But seriously ikot muka papa dia hahaha n he has green eyes waaaahhhh *in awe* but mata dia sepet jgak like his mother hihihi ;p

*ada bakat nih haha :D*

Had fun meeting up with Jo Shan n Din2!! They're going to move to Singapore soon, hope we can get to see her there! :)
Oh btw, Jo Shan is a very very cute n cheerful Taiwanese lady :D n she's muslim! *woot2!* N she did not became a muslim simply because of marriage, that really inspired a lot of us :D oh2 n her husband is from Tunisia! interracial marriage :) such a sweet couple!! :D n he's a very nice gentleman! :)

Good luck Jo Shan, Din2 n Selim in Singapore ya! We wish u all the best!!! :D

*more pics n foods weee*

*me trying to get his photo*

*berjayaaa! awwwwww :D*

*feastt :D*

*kropok from malaysia, kuih izzah buat, n many2 more food :D

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kanak2 kecik n Pakcik Post Office :D

On one very fine evening, I was walking towards McLanahan at Allen Street in downtown to look for biscuits and a drink because I was very hungry. :P :P

On the way, when I was just about to reach the corner to turn into Allen Street, I saw a small little girl around the age of 3 or 5 if I should say. She was walking towards me from the opposite direction, and she was holding hands with one of her parents.

No no I'm not a stalker :P But she caught my attention because she was already staring at me from far farr away. I realized that she was looking at me when we were still walking towards each other. And all the way, she was smiling. Awww comelll sungguh!! XD

And when we were about to cross paths, she lifted her other free hand and started waving at me. I smiled and just waved back. I didn't really notice who she was holding hands with but she was sososo adorable! With blonde curly hair too awwww =)

And a few days later, I was heading towards the post office to post our internet bill. I went there early in the morning before class starts, because if I was to go there at noon or so, there be a longgg line XD

Thankfully, I only saw one person at the counter. YAy!

I gave the letter as usual and paid 50 cents n got back 6 cents. Malang sungguh wallet tak cukup 44 cents, byk quarter je XD

N suddenly, the postman saw my harp-shaped brooch and asked whether I played the harp. I laughed and said no :P I think this is the second time someone asked me the same question. I guess I should be wearing a piano or guitar-shaped brooch then? Anyone wanna buy me one? :P

Okie2 n then, he suddenly said that u know, some people told me that one of the hardest instrument to play is the harp, as u gotta go two ways or something. I was like oooohhh really? wow2 I didn't know it was hard to play a harp :D

n then he suddenly said sumting like oh, u're all dressed with jewelry and all, that's very nice! I simply said thank you n after da dpt change I head off.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm yang peliknya, I was wearing green: meng-enhance kn my kulit yg da gelap a bit hahahaha, n I wasn't wearing any jewelry except for my ring! XD

Even so, felt happy that ade org puji the tudung though (because over the counter he could only see my head n my tudung mostly haha)
Pakcik Post Office, eventhough ramai people says U are strange, I think u are simply just unique in ur own way ;)

*found his pic online, famous rupanya hahaha XD*

till next time! ;)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


On the 4th of July 2010, a day before America's Independence Day, they celebrated it with fireworks at 9.15pm =D

*ade shapes also like cubes!! :D*

Thanks to Shamilah yg cun n Izatul yg comel, I had the chance to watch the amazing fireworks! Not from home, but lying down on the grass along with other fireworks-audience and watch the sky go boom boomm!

*shamilah n izatul yg comelll :D*

The fireworks were not only pretty, but they even made an effort to shot those fireworks along with the songs they were playing out loud at the moment!

*hear the songs in the background. mmg quite in sync! :D*

I was smiling allllll the way =) This is my first time ever watching fireworks outside of my house (slalu tgk through windows of the master bedroom haha) and actually lie down literally on the grass to watch it because it went on uptill 10pm! =)

There was also a funfair, but we didn't really played anything as we wanted to watch the fireworks only n i didn't even bring my wallet :P

*the live band :)*

*masukkan org n pusing2, eeee XD*

*this one masukkan org n pusing n angkat. eeee XD*

Enjoyed it really2 much! Till next time! ;)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's here it's here!! :D

*Caaaakkkkkkk =P tiada kaitan dgn sebarang ilmu naruto, sekian tima kasih*

*this is the envelope*

*brg yg dikeluarkan..*

*tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =D*

*dolphiinnnnn ringg lalalala :D excuse my comb, house key and mountaindew bottle XD*

*Comel kan? uweeekkkkkk :P*

Since one of my ring terhilanggg *sob3* beli la ring baru kat ebay muahahaha! supposed to be for my jari manis, tapi muat jari last jek hahaha, tapi takpe I dun mind, n I still love it!! ^^ murah je ring ni, below 2$ lalala :D