Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Assalamualaikum! =)

today, 17 July 2009~
Finally managed to transfer the money into my friend's account for housing!! (longggg2 story)

At first I thought of using my own, not needing to ask my parents help as it was quite a large sum, and my friends are definitely not going to let me be, I'm sure they are true to their words =)
However I had to ask him for help hehehe, mmg debate skit to get it XD
But Alhamdulillah, mama managed to talk to him and persuaded him to help my friends~ thank you mama!!! =D
She even went through the trouble of getting a long lecture (I did too, but I think mine was shorter) mama was still willing to go through it all~ just to help me sob2* =')

I hope that it will get there in time, insya-Allah! =)
n thank you papa for willing to help me out in the end as well =)

I'm so proud of you that you want to help your friends.

And so she says. I will continue to make you proud mama, I will never ever want to break your heart. I love you =')