Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One fine day..

It was a Wednesday, and I didn't have to go to lab that day because N9 had Isra' Mi'raj. So I planned to meet up with an old friend of mine who lived not very far away from my temporary 'home' in N9 :)

I remembered waking up in the morning

But was not rushing to have my bath and get dressed as I will always do before my housemates and I head to the lab either by bus or by car.

It was indeed a very relaxing, non-rushing morning.

We planned to meet up in the afternoon, hence I had the whole morning to myself to rest at home.

It was really very cloudy that morning.

I remembered heading downstairs to find two of my housemates, resting at the lounge in front of the tv.

I joined them, and we enjoyed the cool breeze from outside that came in through the sliding door. And it started to rain heavily, which is something that I have not experienced in quite a while since I started studying abroad.

After having breakfast and enjoying the heavy rain, I headed upstairs to have my bath and get dressed.

I was already ready around 11 that day, and my friend texted me to say that the rain might cause 'em to be a little bit late.

I really didn't mind, because I didn't have any important agendas for that holiday :)

So I lay down on my bed while waiting. It was still raining heavily outside, but I truly enjoyed it to the very last bit.

It was also one of the days that I will never forget.

It is because I was not distracted with the internet as I would usually be if I were to finish my final examinations and spend all my time playing the internet and stuff.

But since my 'house' in N9 didn't have any internet connection, I really didn't have anything to distract me from myself, from actually enjoying the silence and peacefulness that I could not have had with all other distractions.

As I lay there on my bed, waiting for my friend to arrive, enjoying the heavy rain, with no internet, no work to do that day..

I fell asleep.

And yes, my friend did arrive later and we had a longggggg chat to catch up on old stuff over lunch XD

But I could never forget the feeling that I had when I was laying on my bed, with no distractions, no due dates, just waiting and enjoying the calm and cool rain that morning.

If that was just a little bit of taste of what it will be like in heaven, oh Allah, I definitely do not deserve such a wonderful feeling and memory, but I will always cherish that You have given this little servant of Yours to feel it :')

Alhamdulillah :')