Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finally Snow!

Perhaps my last snow in the States before graduation, insya-Allah :)

*first time playing snow-tubing, was SO MUCH FUN! XD*
*credits to Deelah! :)*
Assalamualaikum :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Muktamar 2012 + West Coast :)

Assalamualaikum! :)

Sorry for the very2 late update! :D
Alhamdulillah, my friends and I have safely returned from our trip in Vegas, Muktamar, and the West Coast; California! :D I had a super duper awesome n splendid time!! Many interesting events happened, many interesting strangers we have met, and I truly enjoyed witnessing the greatness of Allah's creations, SubhanAllah! :D

So here are the manyyy manyyy picturessss I've taken with my phone! XD

*And I'll be doing something different this time; the pictures are in reversed order!! XD (mainly because I'm very lazy to rearrange them ALL :P)

Enjoy! ;)

*Statue of Liberty Replica in Vegas! XD*

*At Fremont street :)*

*Eiffel Tower replica in Vegas! :P*

*The Fountain show at Bellagio Hotel in Vegas*

*banana split at Sugar Pine Diner I think? SGT SEDAP N CHEAP :D*

- This diner was in Mariposa, where we spent the night after visiting Yosemite, which was soooososososo beautiful!! :D

*Me n The Lower Falls of Yosemite yg kurus XD*

- Apparently the water falls shrink in size during winter because of lesser water available which is not frozen I guess? XD But it was still beautiful!! :D

*TALL Pine trees in Yosemite :)*

*Papan tanda :P*

*Bridal Fall in Yosemite :) OH SO beautiful, SubhanAllah! :D the rocks are just really really talllllll n not as short as you think it is when you see this picture!*

*the views in Yosemite were all soooo breath-taking :))*

*We visited Alcatraz prison just off of San Francisco :)*

*The cell*

*many2 cells*

*Our tickets heee :D*

*The ship to Alcatraz :)*

*We found a THAI HALAL Restauranttt!! The food were delicioussss!! :D*

*Golden Gate of San Francisco :)*
-it's actually red in color in the day XD

*Flying books that lights up wohoo :D*

*At Ghiradelli Square; The Ice Creams were oohhh so sweettt XD*

*yes, those are BREADS! :O*
*The Most Crooked Roadd in San Francisco! OMGG XD*
- and there were people's HOUSES and apartments at the edges of the crooked road. aduhai :P

*Strange street performer at Pier 39 in San Fran :P*

*this guy is talented! :D*
*Clam chowder with no bacon yay! DELICIOUSS :9*

*Redwoods in Muir Woods :)*

*The trees are very TALL and beautiful! SubhanAllah :D*

- The trees are like the trees in the museums, so beautiful and they are REAL! :D

*The air was also sooooo fresh in the woods! :)*

*Monterey Beach; Awesome Sunset :)*

*Stanford University! SO very beautiful with great architectural buildings :D*

*Went whale watching!!! :D :D :D*


- the whale watch was about 2 and a half hours. After spotting a few whales, I started feeling dizzy and went inside to take a nap. When the speakers suddenly announced that they spotted a few dolphins, I IMMEDIATELY woke up and got outside hahah :P Then when there were no more dolphins to be seen, I went back inside and went back to sleep haha :P

*Oh ya, did this at Monterey beach XD*

*earlier sunset at Monterey :)*

*Beautiful view of the sea along Highway 1 :)*


*Sea urchins that you can eat it's insidess!! :O*

- My friends tried it, but I didn't because I don't like oysters or kerang2 :P

*Randy's Donuts! :D Delicious and cheap!! :D*

*At Hollywood Walk! XD*

*We found Ironman! :D*


*View from the top of the hill close to the Hollywood sign! Just beautiful :)*

*Hollywood sign :D :D*

*Los Angeles :)*

*Halal Pizza from Tandoori! DELICIOUS :D*

*HALal hotwings!!! OMG :D*

*Yachts at Long beach, in San Diego :)*

*posing koff2 :P*

- we rented a bike that allowed four people to cycle together and we made LOADS OF NOISE at the beginning because we were all afraid that we might veer off into the sea :P

*Ice Cream and Funnel Cake at Long Beach :D yummyyyy*

*another halal pizza in San Diego! :D*
- we found a small Muslim-Somalian community in San Diego. And it was a little bit scary as I think we accidentally went into three restaurants that maybe only the men go to; so all of the men were staring at us when we entered their restaurants XD But they really did still took care of us; one guy told us that we could not enter their shop because there were a lot of brothers inside and it was inappropriate :') Kind hearted brothers they are! But the staring part really freaked us out XD

*Somewhere in San Diego XD*

*more yachts! :)*

* La Jolla beach in San Diego! BEAUTIFUL :D*

*The waters are sooooososossooo clear!! :D*


*there were wild sealions!! :D Just relaxing on the beach under the sun. Lazy sealions :P*

*Old Town in San Diego! Very lively :)*

*birds bathing in the fountain! XD*

*I forgot where this was :P*

*Outdoor heater! Awesomeness :P*

*Muktamar nametag that I never did wear ;p*

*Found it's twin! XD*

*This is just awesome! Traffic lights for cars to enter the highway; when it turns green only one car of that lane goes into the hightway. Efficient way to reduce accidents and traffic jam! Take note Malaysia! :)*

*Philly Cheesteak of Korner Kebab in Vegas! DELICCSS :D*

*This Stratosphere in Vegas looks like the KL tower a LOT!*

*Hoover Dam! :)*

*Bridge close to Hoover Dam!*

*GRand CANYON! BEAUTIFUL and magnificent! :D*

*Snow. Oh so beautifulll :')*

*Found wild Deers at grand canyon!!! Jakun sekejap XD*

*managed to catch the Sunrise. :) :)*

*Rounding Vegas in our car the first night we arrived :)*

*lighted up christmas tree! :D*

*The first thing you see when you get off of the plane at Vegas airport :P*

*Otw to Vegas. SubanAllah! :D*

*Nothing beats the creations of Allah :)*

*Frontier Airlines gives out cookies! Yay! XD*

Well I guess that's it from my phone's camera! :D This trip is definitely one of my favorites because we went more on sight-seeing and witnessing the great creations of Allah on this planet, and they are magnificent and jaw-dropping :) I personally loved the waterfalls, the beaches and sea, grand canyon, Yosemite, Muir... Oh they were all so beautifulllll and you do become speechless when witnessing such greatness :)

Till next time! :)

And hello, 2012, the year to anticipate many exciting events, insya-Allah :)

Assalamualaikum <3 :)