Sunday, December 19, 2010

Goodbye Fall 2010

Assalamualaikum! :)

Alhamdulillah, the Fall semester is OFFICIALLY OVER! =D

How time flies aite? It was like just yesterday that my friends and I were golek2ing sbb exam susah and all XD

Among the many stuffs that I managed to do within this semester are:
- Studied A LOT for 6 classes
- Managed to get better grades for nutrition classes compared to biotech classes. How ironic ;p
- Managed to stop using Clinique, but still searching for the right formula
- Went shopping for Thanksgiving at Philly

- Makan philly cheesesteak, and kedai makcik indon yg mantap :D
- Dua2 kedai makan kat kwsan yg sgt2 ghetto. EXTREMELY TAKOT OKIE!!! XD
- Managed to get EVERYTHING I wanted to get. Alhamdulillah :)
- among them were: shoes, baju kerja, pyrax, jeans, handbag and stuff for family :)

*my shoes+handbag. cantik kn? :D*
- Got back together with Ayna n Nina after soooo long of not contacting each other!! miss u guysss :')
- Enjoyed Raya, and MASA events especially the games; SUMPIT BERACUN! XD

*second game before Thanksgiving holiday :D*
- Managed to plan for minors
- Enjoyed the snow yg malu2 kucing
- Watched Tangled and Megamind. TAngled wins it, hands dowwnnn XD

*3D specs with dear friends :)*
- Learned that Allah is SO LOVING :')
- Though my fingers hurt so badly after the accident (sila rujuk tumblr hihi), Allah actually answered my prayers through the pain and hurt. Thank you Ya Allah :')
- Attended majlis2 ilmu; journey Through the Qur'an, Entrepreneurship program
- Got lots of knowledge, alhamdulillah! :)
- My fwens n I bought a van!! Yayyyy :D
- It surely helped us a lot to get around :)
- Finally let go of nonsense (a softer way from mencaruting :P)
- Yes, we do not actually have to deal with people's ketam ;p

I guess that's pretty much it. Oh how time flies! Can't believe it will be January next month! i.e. it'll be 2011!!! O.o Fuyooo~ Will be graduating soon in 2012, insya-Allah! :) Really can't wait actually to be able to finally stand on my own two feet :)

Till next time! And have a good winter break!! :D
Salam :)