Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Video of Love

Relaxing video with music =)
Thank you for the video =) <3

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pakcik Bas yg Baik Hati =D

Salam =)

I don't know if the same thing is happening to other states in the US, but I am very sure that Pennsylvania is one of the most friendliest state-people that I have ever encountered! =D

Ada la skali ni snow dgn sgt2 lebat (14inches overnight if I'm not mistaken)
N I was heading to the bus stop near my apartment. Nak gi kelas pagi lalala =D

*not a well drawn pic* =p

Then adela I nampak the bus da bertolak from the bus stop, n the bus suddenly slowed down when it was about to reach the pathway that I was walking on.
Rupa2nya pakcik bas tu wants to pick me up kat tepi jalan tu!

Baikkknyaaaaaaaaaaa pakciiiiiiiiiikkkkk XD Syg pakcik CATA bus!! XD

But alasss, since it snowed the night before... Adela satu TIMBUN of snow by the roadside, dividing me and the bus. It was about above my knee-level.

OH mane boleh pegi to the bus mcm tu!!! If I did, I might end up going on the bus with half my jeans covered in snow or really2 get stuck in the snow tepi jalan tu. *malu2* OMG XD

Okie back to the story. Pakcik bus tu da dekat nak berhenti completely on the road! He looked at me *with an inviting look of naikla naikla* and the silly me started laughing sorang2 kat tepi jln when I saw the pile of snow.

I then just signaled to him 'thank you' but I think he got the message that ade snow yg menghalang di antara kita sob3 ;p

Though tak dpt naik that bus, I will not forget your kindness pakcik CATA bus! =D

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet n Sour Chicken

Muahahahaha =9 *laughs evilly*

Smlm first time bwat sweet n sour chicken!
-Nasihat kak Ada:
goreng je ngan tepung mcm biasa tanpa tulang2 ayam, pastu letak sweet n sour sauce tu n garam.
-Hentaming! XD

Alhamdulillah jadiii wahaha tp tataw la sedap ke tak but when I taste jadila yay yay =D

*minta maap to sape2 yg tgh lapar ini ;p