Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My many friends made me smile lebar2, n laugh golek2 weeee ^v^

*this is funny hahak XD*

*U jump, I catch alololo =9*

Tankiu soso veli2 much =)))))))

I love u guys!! <3 <3

*sape2 kaco my friends I'll shoot u down! muahahaha =P*


Friday, June 25, 2010






Monday, June 21, 2010


*Just outside walmart =)*

Just b4 classes for summer started, I managed to buy a bah-see-carl for myself! =P Bkn saje2 gedik2 nak beli, but beli to help aid me go to classes during summer sbb bus white loop takde (okie gedik la juga haha XD)

beli kat walmart for only 88$!! murah2 hihi, tapi campur tax n lock loceng sume jd 100 plus also. But was worth it ^^

*My new bicycle, wohoooo =D*

beli2 trus berbasikal balik from walmart. Since not very familiar with the road, mintak ayoh tolong tunjukkn jalan. Tankiu2 ayoh! =D

Mari dengar cerita kelakar dgn basikal kita ini! XD

otw back, ayoh masuk2 la like housing area to go back home. Turns out the way back byyykkk going down the bukit: bukan bukit kecik2, but bukit yg OMG sgt curaammmmm n panjanggg pulak tu!!

We were going downhill at a speed I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED and my hands were on the brakes alll the time, while ayoh had none at the handle hahak XD

Takot ade, excitement pon ade sbb tak penah selaju itu on a bicycle XD

oh2 and ade also one part where ayoh kayuh laju2, pastu pusing kanan at one selekoh ni... and ade la pokok punya dahan right yg u have to tunduk while riding ur bike.
Ayoh dgn lajunya n smoothnya dptla tunduk when he passed the pokok punya dahan.
When it was my turn.. *smack* okie kurang berjaya di situ sob3 #.#

tp Alhamdulillah smpai umah dgn berjayanya! =D

I think I bought the bike on Thursday, so that weekend I went ronda2 with the bike, want to familiarize myself with the pathways and where I could park my bicycle on campus.
So offff I went, enduring the first small hill very near my apartment.

Naek the bukit at gear 6, and... *klang klung** okie terjatoh di situuuu XD

Not really terjatuh la, it was kinda like where u go up the hill at the wrong gear, end up paddling as hard as u can but the bicycle could not move further up, and to avoid urself from falling backwards u would make urself fall sideways right? =P


*guess where this is in Pennstate and I'll blanje ice cream =P*

But fear nott!! I have managed to work through the gears, and yes it is much easier to go up the hill at gear 2 or 3 =P

Oh2 and I have already registered my bicycle!! It's free, and it's really just to give ur bicycle the permission to park on campus to avoid being towed *I know, it sounds weird* and to avoid getting a ticket of 5$ if I'm not mistaken haha XD

Masa nak register tu, isi2 borang. However, right at the bottom of the form they asked information of my bicycle:

Model: uuhhh..
Type: Mountain bike la kot?
Serial no: UUHHHHH

I asked the lady whether I could leave those blank, but of course she said no *dush3* But then she showed a picture of places on the bike where I could find the serial number!

N thankfully after searching my bike jumpaa la jgak serial number =D but then the model I main hentam je..
*looks at bicycle frame with words on them*
"ni koottt model dia!"

hahahaha lalalala =D

*ni sticker weee =D*

Lepas da hantar the form, she gave the sticker with a registration number and asked me to just stick it at the bicycle's seat punya pole..
hmm somehow the seat is at it's shortest length, so there wasn't much of a pole left for me to stick the sticker on haha XD But I sticked it near the seat pole, so that counts I hope =)

Oh2 masa keluar from the office, ternampak the new building that has been under construction since last year if I'm not mistaken. I am really impressed with how fast they had made progress since last year! Kalau compared to back home (no offense) mmg laaa sgt2 lambattt! Especially the bridges yg tak siap2 back in subang haiyaa =.=

*Dah almost ready I think. sgt2 laju n cantik!*
I've been cycling to class for almost 2 weeks now. Seksa going to class because campus is uphill from home~ but it's good to arrive in class with ur adrenaline making ur heart go dupdupdupdupdup very rapidly and not to forget that I might be drenched in sweat =P i.e. not sleepy in class yesss XD
Going back home is the fun part, because it's downhill. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ =D

Hmm wat else ya so far?
Ohhh2 that day ade singgah prime outlet on the way back from JFK airport, amik Izzati and Izzat from there.

Had nothing in mind to look for, but ade beli one dress at 8$ muahahaha and also two cutee little baju, each only at 5$! =)

Masuk kedai Hosh Kosh (kot) tu just nak teman Boo je, but the baby clothes were so adorablleeeee and murah2! XD
Jadi I bought one for a girl and one for a boy.

Insya-Allah, for my future babies =)

*4 my baby boy =D*

*4 my baby girl. Sgttt comeel ini bajuu <3*

yes I might sound crazy, but it's never too early to buy baby clothes right? XP

Oh2 talking about airports, that day ade teman Kak Ada send off one of her friend back to Malaysia. On the way back from the airport, mmg akan lalu some fields, usually corn or wheat I think. They were really beautiful and yelloowww!! XD

*taken with my 3.2mp handphone camera. Might not be as canggih, tp still cantik! XD*

*cantik kan? This one is my wallpaper kat laptop hihi =)*

Oho that day ade makan kat Corner Room for the first time with Kak Ada n Zawa! The price was not bad, and sedap2 juga the food! =)

*Kak Ada n Zawa! =)*

What I like the most was the Oreo milkshake!! Really reminds me of Secret Recipe punya Oreo milkshake. Oh2 mmg sedaappppp XD tambah2 lagi they even gave me an extra cup with the extra oreo milkshake yg diorang terbuat. (kn klu bwat milkshake ade extra2, dia bagi jgak! wohoo I think I had 2 cups total XD)

*that's the cup right there. OH SEDAPPP*

*me with food n new selendang. Oh sungguh tak reti lilit2 ini*

More about food!
That day I ate for the first time as well at College Buffet yg dekat with Walmart. Sooooo byk ken eat one for their lunch buffet!! Oh myyy got bloatedd really2 one XD

*My first plate. Mind u I had four I think =P*

Ohooo I also just recently found out that my phone could capture 3 pictures and join them together automatically to produce a landscape picture:

*It's a little bit small, but it works! =D*

*my schedule for summer. Will be very busy soon, and staying on campus till evenings =)*

Till next time! ;)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Midwest Games International 2010

Assalamualaikum =)

on the 29th and 30th of May 2010, Midwest Games International was held at Purdue University! Went there on thursday night to visit Wani n her baby first in Ohio, then smbung balik the trip to purdue on Friday afternoon.
*Baby is only 7 months old when he was born, so kena masuk NICU =)*

*proud mother is on the wheelchair =)*

2nd time tgk her baby boy, da kurang la merah2 kulit dia =) but rambut sgt lebat okie!! insya-Allah he will be a bright n guuudd boy =)

sampai2 Purdue, trus go to Knight's Inn n pindah2 beg sume, n berehat =)

mlm tu pegi to some ceramah. Org2 from UMP, Sirim, Mohsti (kot) n Bank Negara ade bagi talk. Dah bwat org plan a bit for the future sob3 :P
Tp really liked Mr Adhari (klu tak silap) speech! 13 years huh? Not that long u know =) Thank you very much for the aspiring speech! =D

Will do remember your advices =)

Then Saturday was the day~ pegi badminton at 8am, tgk2 rupa2nya men's singles starts first. Ours was after lunch at 1pm. So keluar trus pegi field to support women's soccer punya team.

*PSU women's soccer team! =D*
sampai2 tak sempat nak tgk the match, tapi it was a draw =)

Then ade opening ceremony at 10am. Start lmbt a bit sbb org2 penting terlmbt skit sbb salah time zone haha XD
*the stage was huge n beautiful! tapi panasss aaaaaa XD*
It was burning hot, tp Pennstate dgn bersemangatnya dok jugak tgh2 panas tu, semata2 utk sokong our friends that will perform for the role-calling competition. Bersemangat gila Pennstate!! =D

*tgh duduk tgh2 panassssssss XD*

*mereka2 yg naek on stage for role-calling!*

Kita dgn bersemangatnya telah bersama2 heeyyyooohhh, n we won the piala yaayyy!!! XD

*senior with piala. No pic of piala alone, maap budin! XD*

then it wuz judgement time. Went to RSC building b4 1. Ended up waiting for quite some time. N masa da start berlawan, suppose to lawan with someone named Su Ann, tp entah sape yg I lawan hahahaha so serabut XD
Tp kena blasah ckop2 adoii kalah truk :P

I wuz told that me n Shamilah was gonna fight for third place. It was a close call, n i got the third place =)

but somehow, i think everything is very serabut, takde referee :P

thenn da abis, tgk org maen volley.

Mlm tu balik inn, everyone was sosososo tiredd, sume zzzz =)

Then it was sunday. No more sports, tp bersemangat bangon awal2 to support our friends in volleyball n soccer! Jerit sekuat hati okie haha XD

Wlupon tak menang n soccer dpt 4th place, u guys did ur besht ya!! =D n we r proud of u!! ;)

*PSU Men's soccer team!*

Had lunch with an old friend, tp kecoh plak warga2 pennstate :P

Then pegi sokong tug-of-war pulak. Susah okie to tarik the tali! XD

*gogogo! XD*

Pas tarik tali got dinner seafood yg sedap!
Athirah punya recipe: campur lime juice tu with tasteless tea haha :P

pastu serabut jgak about transport, managed to balik inn n tukar2 baju for the closing ceremony.

*Tempat closing ceremony =)*

Closing ceremony ade byk performances yg besht! =D thumbs up to all performers! =)

*chinese umbrella dance, very nicccceeee! =D*

*Suke2 pakcik ni, reminds me of my fav Kenny G =)*

*Purdue Band, gogogo! =)*

*Menghitung Hari from Chicagoo!! =D*

*RIT zapin rather. SGt mantap!! =D*
*Choir, sedap2 bersemangat! keluar from lantai also haha XD*

There's also Joget from Vandy, but tak jumpa gambar yg cun maap2 XD

*with taran yg terputus ligamen. Get well soon!! =)*

Balik on Monday, had breakfast kat ihop, sedap2! =)

*pancake blueberry yg cedap n myk! =)*

To all MWGi committee, I wish u guys congratulations for your hard work. Even though there were lots of flaws here n there, but don't be discouraged wat others have to say. Learn from past mistakes, and you will do much better in the future! =)

Other people might be able to very good at judging us, but they are doing so as they don't know how much effort u guys put into this event to even make it happen.

Hey, even I have my own dissatisfaction with some things of the event. But I btol2 terasa kesian with the committee, because I've been in u guys punya shoes ;)

Jadi rakan2, dun give discouraging comments, but encouraging comments ya! =) Bukan senang okie nak handle such a big event! Klu u guys want things to be much better next time, why not u guys volunteer for next year's event? That'll be a done deal, tak yah complain2 da ;p

Till next time! =)

*bekal balik to Pennstate! =)*

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Red Lobster

1st time mkn at Red Lobster with Kak Ada, bonda, boo thirah n umar.

Sedap2 the food! n byk gilaaaa!! XD price also reasonable, nak mkn kt situ lagi! =)