Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally Legal

*me n cupcakes+ yogurt bepday ;p*

Assalamualaikum wbt! (jawab dpt pahala, hik2 ;p)

On March 12th, 2011, I finally turned 21 on that Saturday :)

fuyoooooooooooo da tua daaaaaaaaa OMG!!!!!!!! XD
Alhamdulillah, I am still alive to this very day to be grateful to Him of all the things that He has given me! :D whether gud things or bad things, I know all of them were indeed from Him for my own good, as He knows best! :)

Celebrated my birthday a few days later when Kak Ada n Izzati nak blanje me mkn cupcakes :) tankiu2 very mucchhhh!! sayanggg koranggg :')

*cupcakes from Indulge nyum3*

*me n housematess :)*

*fooddd :D*

Nak give a summary of my 21 years of living mcm sgt susah hahaha (wlupon pelupa) but maybe I'll try to for only the past 5 years aite? ;p (apela yg dia merepek niii)

Well, I know that I have changed a lot since I graduated from high school. The high school memories with best friends (nenek encheem yg terencheemm, milash, lianna n ramai lagi :D) were awesome! Can't wait to see them all again, insya-Allah :)

So were my experiences in INTEC and so far, my 3 years of living here in the US :)

For the past vs the present, I was:
timid, shy, would be so terrified of public speaking n often fumble on my words, be so negative, ANTI-SOCIAL :P, penakot to speak up, had my heart broken (lelaki2 yg dahulunya tidak berguna wahaha ;p), fashion sense masih sdg diusahakn sbb dulu tomboy-ish :P, low-confident, cry alot. ape lagi? :P

Bknnya nak ckp that I have achieved 100% the opposite of my past, but I know that now I am:
less shy (to friends that I already kenal, they wud understand :P), actually enjoys public speaking sbb that's the time when we have the chance to speak and people actually listens to you, more optimistic (still negative at times haha), KURANG-ANTI SOCIAL :P da lagi reti cakap MELAYU wahaha XD nak speak up tu still a prob at times, n fashion sense takdela sgt cun, but going more to tutup aurat n look pleasant, insya-Allah ;)

(ehh mane pergi part last2? heart broken lagi tak?)

CISSSS mengkantoikn diri sendiri di situuu :P

For the few last parts, I know that I have changed thanks to Him :)

By being more thankful to what Allah has given me, I am more thankful of what I have, and for who I am :)
Of course I will never be perfect. But what does 'perfect' actually means? If perfect in the eyes of the world and the media of having the perfect face n body, I would not want to go there. If perfect means being close to Allah and doing good and preventing evil, loving His Prophet, then that's where I am heading :)

But indeed, we are all at the mercy of Allah. Only He knows what 'perfect' is in His eyes. ;)

Oho with that being said, wlupon now I'm kinda chubby2 (okie not kinda, sgt chubby :P) and ade byk scars on my hands (accidents di dapur :P), jerawat2 menari2 di muka DAN MACAM2 LAGIIHH :P I am still so very much thankful to Him, and I AM HAPPY :)

Sometimes, we would focus too much on our flaws that we have (contoh: my chubbiness and scars), until we forget the rest of the things that we have that are so beautiful that He has given us. (tangan masih ada, kaki, muka sempurna, akal masih ade, mata pon, sihat walafiat, cukup makan)

So why be depressed on the one/two flaws that you have, while you have so much other gifts to celebrate? :) Alhamdulillah! :)

Yup2 I admit that I still have many flaws n sikap2 buruk to perbaiki ;p but to get there, we could either have the road filled with low confidence and sadness to improve ourselves, or the road filled with hope, confidence and faith in Allah that He will help our niat to be a better person,

to be a better daughter, friend, sister, niece, grandaughter, and future wife n mother (insya-Allah ;D)

and of course, to be a better Muslim! :)

okie back to the part of lelaki (kahkahkah) :P
Alhamdulillah, I know that whatever happens, He knows best and it is for the best of me, insya-Allah :)

I've been giving my heart to the wrong people. So now, I give my heart to you Allah, because I know You have created it, so You won't break it like they have :')

Thank you very much to friends and family for your warm wishes and gifts! :)

*unexpected present from housemate~ dolphin chain weeeeeeeeee <3 :D :D

*card n presents from family! tankiiiiiuuuuuuuuuu :')*

Ooohh yaaa! My birthday fell on the same day when my friends and I were attending the Leadership program in DC. So dgn berjayanya takde kat dc really knew that my birthday was on Saturday, n I think ade org tau later psl facebook :P

Then came Sab on Sunday morning during breakfast time (tgh makan2 with my group members kat meja group masing2) n wished me eppy bepdayy aww so sweet of her :D n I said tankiu, tp ckp la it was yesterday haha XD n then she said yay I'm finally 22~ then found out I budak lompat hahak :P N then one of the guys in my group overhead our conversation, pastu tanya sape punya bepday?

N sab ckpla it was mine. N tiba2 that guy started singing loudly HAAAPPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUU~ I was like OMGGGGGG shhhhhhhhhh XD Then the WHOLE rOOM started singing happy birthday! Adoiiiiii segannyaaaaaa XD then came the part to sing the person's name kn~ that guy said 'Happy birthday.... WAN ILIANI' hahahaha boleh tergolek2 gelak2 kat situ! XD

Then Mr. Fabion pon dtg tanya sape punya bepdayy, and ckp kenapa tak bagitau?? XD hahaha ye laa, takkan I want to come to a room full of people and say "TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!" XD Segann sungguhhhhh adoi2 XD

My family also sang to me through the phone few days before my birthday, sbb mama takot tak sempat nak sing for me as I don't call home everyday. Sgt lama tak dgr my family sing happy birthday. Sob2 literally had tears in my eyes when diorang nyanyi :') I miss u all so muchhh! tankiiiiiiuuuuuu :')


*yay I'm 21!! :D*

*comel kan saya? WAHAHAHHAHA :P*

*yes, I am still YOUNG AT HEART :P*

Tankiuuuuuuuu very2 much once again to all friends and families for your warm wishes, prayer and presents! :) :) <3 <3
Till next time! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring break: Delaware+DC

*our shoes filled with sand :)*

*Rehoboth Beach! :)*

Assalamualaikum :)

Cepat sungguh masa berlalu, and class has started once again (sob3 :P)

So here's what I've done during the Spring Break, alongside with multiple papers due and readings to be completed :P

- Sister's Potluck! Best2 sgt meriah :)
- Went on a 2nd family trip with housemates to Delaware!
- Dpt bilik hotel yg sgt murah n besstt! besar plak tu! This time there's 2 beds, and even a lunch :P
- Dekat sgt2 with the beach! but windy~ sgt sejukk gaaahhh :P
- When we arrived malam2 n carik seafood restaurant.. The town was DEAD. AND I MEAN LIKE TAKDE ORG LANGSUNG kat tepi2 jalan!
- Apparently shops closes early (at 7pm) during winter. isk3 ;p
- Went to have breakfast at a diner, sgt sedap :D

- pegi shopping kt outlet yg sgt la besarr jarak dia :P
- Bought lots of stuff I was looking for! :) yay2!
- Antaranya: sports shoe yg feminine skit, gold watch, shades, baju dress ijau that wud match my tudung ijau (beli tudung baru tp takde matching baju boleh tak? :P)

*kasut gold! Round-toe shoe, that's the name ye abang :p*

*gold watch from fossil! always wanted a gold watch :D*

*green dress! from maternity hahaha :p*

*shades, macho tak :P*
- School bag! sbb my old school bag punya skin was coming off (tragis sungguh :P)

*Nine West bag, murah je $21! :D sgt besar, muat mcm2 weeee*
- mkn at seafood restaurant~ Big Fish Grill kot! veryyy sedappp :D
- jakun with the tables yg dilapik with sort of like big mahjong paper, and siap disediakan crayons on the table for us to conteng2
- we went mad :P

*tadaaaaa :P*

*us :D*
- the foods were awesome! high gila makan :p

*the foods. walaaaahhhh*
- had crab cake. nyum3
- drove back home :)

Few days later, we spent the weekend at DC for a leadership program :) fuuhh penuh sungguh my spring break! (mind u hw2 semua tak siap lg bahaha)
- bertolak on Friday morning, smpai Holiday Inn

*nice room! for 3 people, tapi ade 2 je :P*
- had dinner at the embassy
- program started on Sunday in the hotel itself. Very convenient! :)

*nametag. lalala :D*
- Sgt2 best! Mr. Fabion was amazing :D
- He's a Malaysian that has stayed here for more than 20 years :D
- Isteri dia sgt comel! reminds me of mama :)
- We were divided into groups: mine was group 5
- had fun games too :D
- learned a lot about the four quadrants of our brain too :) got to know your own brain a little bit better!
- then there was this little competition to present one of the 21 laws of leadership. sape2 menang dpt the book of that 21 laws :D
- our group got the Law of Empowerment; A leader is a person who is not afraid of sharing his knowledge with others, even though the others might be more successful than he will be in the future :)
- so buat psl steve jobs, and we did a mini sketches and explained briefly for each sketch :)
- Mr. Fabion said our group used the most unconventional way, mainly because takde powerpoint langsung like other groups :P

*scene 3: bab Steve Jobs sakit perut mkn sambal.. hahak :P*
- but even so, it was memorable yay! :D
- in the end got in top 2 with group 8, but we received the books yayyyy team 5! :D Alhamdulillah! :)

*adiahnya! jeng3 :D*

*Team 5+book+Mr. Fabion! :)*
- Mkn2 throughout the program at Kebab restaurant near the hotel. Buffet style, sedappp :D
- on the way back bought Popeye's chickens, nyum2 :D

That's all for now. Till next time! :)

*Doa2kn for my many2 upcoming exams and papers. tankiu2! XD*

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sister's Potluck

Assalamualaikum wbt! :D

At the beginning of Spring break, the girls decided to have a potluck on Saturday.

Hence memasak2 ramai2 di umah n pegi makan2 :D kak ada buat pulut kuning, i made butter cake (yg terlebih bakar haha) and izzati made popia sambal.

Ate soooosososo muchh! Alhamdulillah :D

Also had loads of fun trying out the guitar hero game; first time trying to play the drums. Always wanted to try it out to sort of like find out my drumming skills, bahaha :p but I didn't do so bad to my surprise :D

N also sempat main one song of DDR. malu2 sbb dikantoikan I played DDR kat east halls :p dulu2 main kat umah je after spm hahaha ;p

Had loads of fun! Thank you girlss! :D

Till next time :)