Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Grad Dinner 2011

Assalamualaikum! :)

So this year's Grad Dinner by MASAPSU was organized by my batch (bersemangat nih nak organize for our dear seniors! :D)

So right after Finals, we were up and about for the Grad Dinner! :D

One idea came after another, and Alhamdulillah our Grad Dinner was a success I must say! :D wlupon byk cabaran n dugaan tak diduga n tergolek2 once in a while, we all managed to pull it off well! congratulations guys!! ;) n congrats to our graduating seniors! We will all miss you dearly :(

First off, I agreed to perform for our dear seniors during GD :D and yes, I did NOT SING :P I tried something new instead! I decided to do a 'speed drawing' performance! :D

Details about the performance will soon be unraveled, so please be patient :p

So on Thursday right after Finals, I headed downtown to buy the drawing stand (they call it sketcher Bar apparently ;P) and also the biggest SketchPad I could find in the store. I also looked for a marker pen; I could only find either a small marker pen (kan the sketchPad besar :P) or a REALLY HUGE marker pen with a SQUARE tip (yes literally, it's not even the slanted side one mcm pen Khat). So I went with the huge pen haha XD

I did ask at the counter whether they had any student discount or some sort, and the lady asked if I was taking any art classes. I said I had one about a year ago, and she simply gave me the discount haha XD (so rakan2 yg da amik art class, u r still eligible for discounts at Uncle Eli's :D) N when i asked whether she wanted to see my Pennstate ID, she said oh no need to, I trust u~ awwwwwwwwww XD
*before dipasang2*
*after dipasang hoorayyy :D*

Then we had a meeting on Thursday evening for last minute stuffs on GD~ we agreed to have 'dedication' cupcakes where anyone could order cupcakes to be given to their friends :) and Izzat who was working on the video for tribute to seniors asked if I could play piano while the video is being played~

*honestly my mind was really saying 'Why not just put a song clip into it??? XD*

tp betul la ckp diorang, if play piano more terharu n tears could be expected? XD

I agreed to do so, and my friends pon bersemangat nak nyanyi ramai2 along with the piano and the video :)

Then Friday and Saturday came~ my housemates n I + Auni worked on making and wrapping the dedication cupcakes for our seniors :) Apparently we were short on the wrappers and ribbons, and our efficient progress was not so efficient anymore :p We were rushing before 4PM (gotta be there early to help set up stuffs, especially my piano stand and the sketcher bar)

*the wonderful cupcakess~ tadaaaaaaaa :D*

So Alhamdulillah we managed to make it to the hall (Nittany Inn) with all the perfect cupcakes baked by Boo yayyy! :D

I started setting up my Sketcher bar and the piano seat, and tried to help anywhere possible :)

Unfortunately, my photos that I thought was to be used for an example of the calenders or photo yearbook to be sold, it WAS SABOTAGED GREATLY GAAAAAAAAHHHHH :P but the intro video was certainly worth a compliment~ Cis mu Izmer! :P
*inilah peng-SABOTAGE tp berkaliber menghasilkan video2 mantap :p

Then we finally started off the night :)
Seniors came in with their names announced, along with the handmade flowers my friends made wohooo :D N dinner started!
*our table! :) there was also fixed sitting with our namecards! XD*
*yayyy my nameee :D*
The food were AWESOMEEE AND KENYANGNESS pursueddd :P we had Shrimp appetizer, mushroom soup (bukan can punya, like it was made from scratch!) and Chicken Chop wohoo boy was it hugeee :P
*appetizer yg sgtlah besar shrimp dia :D*
*mushroom soup! :)*
*chicken chop! manyak besar wooo :D*

Then I was first in line to perform waaahh nervous2 XD And oh please bare in mind I DID NOT PRACTICE for my performance gaaahhhh T.T because right after finals I was really busy with everything else, and I however did manage to practice a bit for my piano performance (sbb I did not have any sheet music for the music I had chosen to play, so it was actually COMPULSORY to practice this one ;P)

With that being said~ Here was my plan on what I was going to draw for the 7minutes songs that I have compiled:
- 1st drawing: A guy with luggages in the airport about to fly (come to Pennstate :D)
- 2nd drawing: Fall season where a guy holds a leaf
- 3rd drawing: Winter season
- 4th drawing: Graduation

Annnddd here is the video of the speed drawing!! :D Credits to Izzat Suliman for recording :)

Here are the parts I kantooiiiiiedd :P
- 1st drawing: as you may have noticed, there was no luggages in sight and the airplane I drew didn't look like one ish :P
* explanation: Since I did not practice at all, I was not used to the SQUARE tip of the HUGE marker, and ended up drawing larger in scale than what I had in mind. So no more space to draw luggage, gaaaaaaaahhhhhhh :P

-2nd drawing: the guy behind was supposed to be holding a frisbee
* explanation: DID NOT PRACTICE
*can u see the small disc the guy behind is holding? haha tak jadiii :p*

-3rd drawing: the guy was suppose to have mittens/gloves since it's winter while holding the mug and the guy behind was suppose to be playing snowboarding
*explanation: same as explanation #1~ draw larger in scale than planned, so NO MORE SPACE to even draw the mittens hahaha :P and I blame the pen for the disapperance of the snowboard which I did not attempt to draw at all :P

-4th drawing: drew something that I did not plan at all hahahahahaha
*explanation: same as explanation #2

So there you goo! My speed drawing performance WITHOUT PRACTICE :P so next time insya-Allah I will PRACTICE FIRST :P

Right after my performance, Sab tiba2 asked me to explain each of my drawings one by one (OH-OH :P) and I only did mention about the airplane yg tak jadi :P for the 2nd and 3rd drawing someone did ask who was the guy behind~ and I said oh ni orang je hahahahha ;p

Then came Hadi's performance, where people would read out scripts that would imitate some of our seniors, and the audience would have to guess who they were (even though the answers were quite obvious ;p) and of course, there were LOTS of prizes hooraayy! :D
Loved the part when Q played the role of our Kitchen Kecik hihi ;p

Then it was time to pray for Maghrib prayers at 8pm, so we prayed and continued with our event at around 9.45pm.

*dessert vanilla ice cream and strawberries! :D supposed to be cheesecake, but they couldn't find anymore for me haha then offered ice cream instead ;p*

Then came the dessert, and the video TERJAH/TERKAM by Boo n crew, and it was awesommmeee! :D mmg mcm video yg serang2 orang at the red carper hahaha ;p cepatla upload kat youtube/facebook korang! Tak sabar nak tgk again ;p Good job guys for the very quick video! :D
*B: lebih kurang la (plan nak pakai purple hahahaha kantoiii di situuu :P)

N then there was a 'Jgn Lupa Lirik' by Boo, and they managed to get some of our seniors to sing hahaha ;p Prizes again! :D

Then came the time for us to sing ramai2 with the piano~ apparently we did not have an extension so the piano was set at the side instead hahahah sorry2 guysss :P N then Sab announced for the juniors to come up front and sing 'Kenangan Terindah' by Samsons together for our seniors :)

And so I sat at my piano, turning it on and waiting for everyone to get up front and stand behind me. Suddenly, one of the guys tripped on the power cord and the plug literally came off O.o As soon as I got to the plug, there was indeed a part of the plug where a piece of it could come off. But due to the accident, that piece could not be hooked back on the plug T.T At that time I did not worry about the damage on the plug, but I was more worried on the performance itself.

I quickly asked my friends (there was a band that will be playing at the end of the event) whether I could borrow their guitars and quickly tried to remember the chords. When I tried to play the chords on the guitar, it didn't sound right gaaaaaaaahhhh T.T

While I was attempting to play the song on the guitar before the performance actually starts, some of my friends were suddenly calling me and saying that 'Piano dah ok!' I was like REALLY??? :D

Rupa2nya one of my seniors (Nas, thankkk youuuuuuuuuu :D) quickly took a tape and taped the piece of the plug that came off and apparently it worked! HOYEAAHH! :D

I quickly sat back at my seat and started playing the song :)

And yes, TERKANTOI2 playing the chords hahahah sorry2 rakan2! XD I think some of my friends while singing could detect the wrong chords and maybe even sedang berkerut2 dahi :P

N the tribute video to seniors started to play on the screen as soon as we started our song. And when my friends finished singing the song with the chorus and all, I looked up to the screen and THE VIDEO WAS NOT OVER YET :P so there comes the improvisation that I literally MADE UP ENTIRELY :P tambah2 a few chords here and there and we repeated the chorus again.

Once the extra chorus ended, I looked up at the video and it was STILL NOT OVER aiyooooo I was like 'Izzaattt bila nak abis niiiiiii????" XD so I improvised further until the video finally came to an end, and my friend told me I could finish up the song (YAY FINALLYYY XD)

Then it was Gokun's band's turn to perform, and surprisingly their lead singer had a nice voice hahaha ;p

And our Grad Dinner ended with a bliss :)
*after GD abis!! baiii is cho cuteee! :)*
*GD Committee! :) except 4 me I guess haha XD*
*dgn kak Ada weee :D*
*Family Portrait of 670 A Sutton Court! :)*

Alhamdulillah, the event was a huge success and most of our seniors and we were very happy and satisfied :)

I wish you all the best and good luck for everything that will come to you guys ya seniors! Don't forget us juniors hereee, and we will definitely miss you! :)

Assalamualaikum :)

Goodbye Junior Year

Assalamualaikum! :)

Alhamdulillah, there goes my third year here in Pennstate. One more year to go! How time flies.. :)

Well, here are some of the things I've done (after the last blog post haha) for the Spring semester!

Went to RIT's Malaysian Night
- It was awesommmeee :D
- Same theme like last year's Malaysian Night, drama type incorporating many2 performances :)
- keta peti sejuk merah. gaaaaahhhh org tgk dowwwhhh :P
- balik2 switch cars sbb nak stay with Gee! 2 yearss++ tak jumpa :)
-sanggup ni pinjam2 baju gee n pakai baju gee n mintak berus gigi baru wahahaha XD
- sooo happy dpt jumpa gee yayyyyyy :D
- rumah diorang very2 bigg!
- pillow talk at night yayy :)
- gee masak ayam kurmaa, cedapppp waahhh terharu2 :D
*tadaaaaa :D*
-before baliking sempat amik2 gamba with gee ^^ <3
*hasil tangkapan wahahahah ;p copyright to gee's macbook ;p*
- singgah outlet but din really buy anything ~_~
*sempat mkn McD Strawberry Sunday! :9*

MASA's Spring BBQ
- Since the weather predicted that it was going to rain, we had it indoors instead in PasQ
- Turns out weather the very the HOT :P
- Even so, helped out with bakar2 ayam
- Dtg lmbt as a result n kerana berlengah2 di rumah juga :P
- Was a candidate for VP, but Muru won and Q is our new PRES! gogogooo caiyook koranggg! :D :D
- So much left overs, packed some back home for bekal over the weekend :P
*Sumpit Beracunn!! XD*

Last Soc300 Class :(
-Played a game with the strings
-TA n lecturer asked if anyone had a knife or scissors, and I said 'I do!'..... 'I have a scissors, not a kniffeeee' n everyone laughed aaahh malu2 :P
-Had very sweet comments from friends awww :) You make me smile too you know! ;)
*Thank you for the flower Karim! :)*
-I will miss all of you very2 muchhhh :(
-Cepatla Reunion! XD

2 Weeks b4 Finals+Finals
-Had 3 presentations
*for presentation must dress appropriately! :)*
-Nutrition Presentation : 50 minutes, with 3 group members, dpt topic which was lecturer's forte huuuuuu T.T n dipuji tudung+for having colorful n interactive slides bahaha :P
-Soc 110 presentation: only for 5 minutes, struggled to talk less and talked selaju mungkin :p
-BIOTECH 459 : started off with cartoons bahaha :P had only 12 minutes to present though with questions to ask the class
-AT LEAST 4 LAB reports due
-hw, quizzes
-writing assignments
-had 5 finals hoyeaaaaaahhhhhh
- First day of finals ade 2 finals + 3 lab reports due, tergolek2 doowwwhhh T.T
-Then studied the other 3 finals the day before or that morning itself wahahaha XD

Grad Dinner 2011
-to be continued in the next blog :P

Can't believe that I am officially done with my junior year! Going to be a senior soon... Or I AM already a SENIOR! O.o Fuyooo2!!
Hope everything will go well during my senior year! Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for helping me through this tough year :)

Till next time! ;)