Saturday, October 4, 2014

Raya Dua Kali.. Or Tiga

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. :) 
Gosh, it had been agess since the last time I updated my blog. Definitely LOADS of things had happened so far. I'm gonna have to depend on my pictures to help recall all these stories XD
So based on the pictures above:
- New baju raya was last-minute; I received it a day before I went back to Subang! And I managed to accidentally find a matching skirt for my baju haha weird enough but truly grateful :)
-Dapat Raya with besties!! Both of them came to my house with their families :) Thank you so much!
- Got a new phone with my sis; mainly because her old phone was dying on her and I had always had a crush on Xperia Sony phones :P And knowing the mengada me, I had to get golden stickers/skin for it and a wonderful transparent cover!

- Finally got that high-heel mint green shoes for my best friend's wedding in November! Was definitely a challenge trying to get heels sbb the dress is very labuh :O

- Went to a few weddings recently; Kak Fizah in Kamunting and Adeelah's wedding in Kedah! Was definitely a fun trip to Jitra :D First time! Semoga sentiasa bahagia sehingga ke Jannah :)

-Meet up with some ol' Pennstaters. I don't think I've gotten any taller haha XD

Well that's all so far. I'd have to transfer all the pictures first before I could write more. 'Till next time :)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Lots and lots of Lemons


I know that this blog is supposed to be a place for me to record only those sweet memories and events that have happened, but maybe just this once I should place a little bit of complaint :P

Sometimes people think that I lead a very happy, wonderful and problem-free life. Well, just because not everyone are the type to post their WHOLE life stories on social media, doesn't mean that they do not face challenges as well. And didn't Allah mention it in the Qur'an as well? He will not just place iman in the believers and not test them. Allah loves those He tests :) (amin!)

Okay just to keep things short, everything that could go wrong in this week or two did go wrong haha XD Gosh, all from losing our important props for drama, exam scores that you just have no power of controlling to getting a low number for a project I'm working on. I wonder if some people are aware that they actually break your heart by doing what they do.

But Alhamdulillah, Allah shows His mercy and Love in the most mysterious ways :) Aside from feeling that my uterus was about to fall out, I was questioned by someone that I thought would actually throw a million knives and hit me and other innocent bystanders haha XD But instead, encouraging words and wisdom were shared to the floor. Okay, some tricks were involved but Alhamdulilah! I was completely taken by surprised to be gaining support when I was expecting disaster, tragedy and mayhem.

Tambah2 lagi uterus mcm nak jatuh tercabut tergolek. But now that I thought back about it, the pain and cramps actually help me take my focus off the recent failures and instead, be focused on the pain haha :P At least it helped me not to shed tears during the QnA. I think had I not had my uterus menari2 secara salah in my body, I might have cried like a baby :P

Alhamdulillah, thank you oh Allah for the strength (or pain haha) that You've blessed me with. Everything is definitely under Your plans, and You know Best :)

To a nice holiday re-strategizing and resting too. Not giving up just yet! :)

Friday, May 23, 2014

I'm 24

Being hit by a lot of work lately, I felt like I was about to drown until..

*A day before my birthday*

Student randomly asked: Teacher, tomorrow is your birthday right? I REMEMBER!
(Awww so sweet! And I thought people forgot :P)

*on my birthday*

During EXAM:
Student raises hand to call me during exam. She then proceeds to whisper..

'Teacher, happy birthday..' And smiled.

And thennn a few other students did the same. I was like 'thank you but shhhh do your exam XD'

Some of them even got me presents. And tudungs! I was deeply touched :')

<3 :="" p="">

*ye dah tua dah huaa*

One student that I don't even teach actually made Kek Batik for me. Huuuu thank youu T^T

Also got an unexpected dinner treat by my collab yay! Thank you :)

After EXAM:
So our school always has this sambutan Bulan Kelahiran, where they will announce the attributes of the people born in that particular month, call the teachers born in that particular month to come up stage to receive a birthday card and later cut the cake together.

As the teacher was reading the attributes for March babies, the things that stuck out the most were: Baik, penyabar, penyayang, tetapi KELAM KABUT dalam mencari pasangan.

I burst into laughter on that one. Memang tak boleh tahan betol! XD

*Birthday Card! Yay :D*

*credits to Miss Suzanne! Thank you :D*

A few days before my birthday, Taran and his friend visited Kamunting and we managed to go to the Zoo. We had loads of fun as it was our first time visiting that particular zoo! Except for his friend I think since he was FROM taiping itself haha :p

Really fierce bear to other fellow bear :P


*happy elephants are happy :D*

Long overdue post, I know. I have been super duper busy with the kids, drama practice, exam, lecturer observations, personal life (if I actually still have any left haha) etc etc...

Insya-Allah, will try to post more things here before I actually forget them. Gah memoryyy XD But so far, Alhamdulillah for everything that has happened. Thank you Allah for giving me a chance to live up till today, even though I am far from deserving of so much of Your love, blessings and mercy. I put my Faith in You :')

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah.

Till next time!

Salam :)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Random Kindness

So I just arrived at the post office to pay my electricity bill and I took the number to wait for my turn. When I looked at the current number that they were serving, it showed that I had to wait for more than 10 people in line to go ahead of me; my number was 1129.

Since I wasn't in a rush, I just sat down to wait for my turn.
While waiting, I took out my Sejarah textbook and workbook because yes, I am a teacher haha XD

Because I was working on the workbook (you see, I can't just read the textbook or I'll fall asleep), my head was facing downwards when something happened. I suddenly heard a man's voice saying "Nah dik." and I looked up immediately to see a piece of paper right in front of me.

Me being so surprised (and blur) at that moment, I think I said 'ah?' in reply while taking the paper from the man who was probably in his late 30s or early 40s. He simply head out of the post office after I took the paper.

When I looked at the paper, it was numbered 1124. I guess it was his number and maybe he tak jadi nak do whatever he wanted to do at the post office? XD

I thought it was strange of him to give it to me because there were quite a lot of other people in the room who came earlier and he could have given it to them. But Alhamdulillah, he gave it to me and I get to reach my turn earlier :)

It could be that he simply saw me as the last person to come in at that moment before he left and that is why he passed on his paper to me. But whatever the reason is, I was truly grateful for his random act of kindness, and also for Allah for showering me this little mercy which made me so happy ^v^

Alhamdulillah :) And thank you pakcik for your kindness! :))


Pocahontas was one of my favourite Disney movie back when I was little.

I would watch the movie over and over again, sneakily watch Pocahontas 2 (putting in the CD into the VCR and quickly taking it out again when my parents came back home haha XD) And of course, during my early days of drawing, she was one of the inspiration for my cartoon characters.

- aka I would always draw my main characters living in a forest, always so animal-friendly XD-

Back in those days, I didn't really thought about what made me so attracted to this particular movie and character.
Now that I am reaching my 24th birthday (Alhamdulillah. Yes, I am already old), while listening to the conversations going around in class among my peers, they were debating on which favourite Disney movie they liked.

Some said Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Pocahontas, etc.

To be honest, when I remembered Pocahontas and Mulan in my mind, I did not remember them as 'Disney movies'. I remembered the stories, the characters, the amazing music (which I admit I did try to sing :P)

*the music back in the days are soooo much better and deep compared to today's music. Just listen to the lyrics!*

I remembered the essences of the movie. The word 'Disney' was one of the last words that came to mind. 

I was definitely devastated when I found out the true history of the real Pocahontas. With that being into my knowledge, I still missed and loved the fantasy version of the story within the movie and still hold her as one of my favourite cartoon characters.

After coming across a few Youtube videos on the making of Pocahontas, and getting a praise that relates me to Pocahontas (which gave me a hugee smile on my face because I really loved Pocahontas :D) then I finally realised why I loved her and the movie so much.

The character Pocahontas was portrayed as very mature, intelligent, exciting person but poised at the same time. She was not those childish characters who waited for her prince to save her, or was sheltered in a castle (she lived in a forest and knew the terrain well!) And of course, because she was also beautiful at the same time even though she is not white; which is what Asians (or Malaysians at least) hold to as being beautiful. Just look at all the beauty adds of whitening cream and you'll understand what I mean.

THIS is why I was so attracted to her even when I was a child :) I didn't know about it back then, but now I finally do, which is a new self-discovery for me :)

 *well, also the romantic story she had with John Smith XD*

Till next time :)