Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just Like Heaven

One of the best movies I have ever seen! =)

nuff said =p

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Assalamualaikum w.b.t. =D

After staying in the States for more than a year, experiencing snow for the second time...

I finally saw the beautiful structure of the snowflakkeee!!!!!!!! XD

*it looked something like this XD*

I saw it when I was waiting for the bus kat Meridian, and the morning was cold and snowing XD
Tgh tgk2 merata2, tibe2 I tgk my winter coat (kat tgn) n I saw snowflakes as usual.. Tapi ade one small particular snowflake caught my eye.

WAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh cantiknyaaa!! =D Mmg jelas the shape of the snowflake! I tried to get a picture of it but alas it was too small XD (kira2 .2cm kot, camera kurang berjaya XD) but mmg terharu masa tu, first time dpt tgk the pretty structure that I have been wondering whether it was actually the structure of the snow (sbb selama ni nampak satu tompok putih je XD)

Mmg cantik!
Though small, His creations are indeed great =)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter Break 09 =)

*beautiful sunset at Universal Studios =)

Assalamualaikum =)

Since I have been posting bullet points on muh sweet memories, this time I would like to make a full karangan out of this particular trip :P so kalau2 malas nak membaca sorry ya, can't help it XD

Once upon a time (kuikuikui) okie2 tamo skema sgt XD
For this winter break, my friends and I planned to join muktamar once again, as well as the post-muktamar and a trip to somewhere hot to escape the freezing weather~ Florida! XD

Alhamdulillah, all was well and I have safely arrived back home in Pennstate. Though u might be cold, I still missed u lots!! XD

There were a total of 9 cars if I am not mistaken, but we were divided into smaller groups to make things easier for everyone. And we were under our Ayoh =D
2 vans and 1 car. I only had the chance to drive the car around 2 hours for the entire trip, as there were many more experts in the field especially for the vans~ chaiyok along n adik! XD

We headed to atlanta for the muktamar 2 days earlier if I'm not mistaken, as many of us from pennstate were officers for the event in different departments. I was just a volunteer in the registration department =)
The trip took us about 16 hours drive.. Yes, 16 hoursss XD

Alhamdulillah we arrived safely at atlanta:holiday inn. To our surprise, it was indeed kinda cold XD despite the strong winds, we managed to settle ourselves in the hotel, and began our duties =)

I really enjoyed working with yaya, kak tini, and the other officers and volunteers at the registration section. I kinda pitied Pak laksono though, as many things were not ready (tak sampai lagi pon XD) at the registration site while the clock was still ticking, really2 fast XD

Putting names into the plastic to make their nametags was followed, as well as inserting the files with papers, pens and pamphlet, as well as other stuffs XD
To my surprise, a familiar name came up.
Well, the name doesn't really bring any sweet memories back, but it sure made me laugh inside (kenot laugh depan2 sume senior yg tataw kisah di sebalik nama itu hahahaha XD) laugh jenis yg tergolek2 sbb sgt klakar XD

Anyways, things were being completed, and the registration tables were soon open! =D
Despite having lack of still a few important things to be given to the participants, we were able to pull it out quite well =)
I must say, yg paling efficient ialah kak yaya, kak tini, adeelah n the guys too XD especially those who took care of the guys+family's part. Agak susah jgak nak handle families who were registering~ got extra2 forms utk anak2 diorang adoi XD

But you guys pulled it out, and if I was Pak Laksono, I'd be very proud and grateful to everyone of you!! =D

Oh2 there was this one time when I saw Pak Laksono and his daughter (yg sgt2 kiuuutt n comeelll!! XD) together, and he was talking to one of the hotel's officer I think. The lady officer then asked "Is she your daughter? She's very beautiful!"
Which father would not smile when his daughter is being praised? =)
But to my surprist, Pak Laksono said something else.

"Thank you. She got her beauty from her mother, her naughtiness from me."
Or somewhat like that.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sweetnyaaaaaaaaaa!! rasa terharu sgt2 pulak sob3 ='D

Soon it was night time, and registration was over for the girls first as Pak Laksono didn't want us to be there till 1 or 2 am XD caiyok2 bdak2 lelaki! XD

I think it was already 10 sumting by the time I went upstairs into the room.
Oh yeah I shared the same room with Auni, Na'ilah and Shamilah. Sekatil dgn shamilah *wink2* ;p

*I realized the hotel we stayed in didn't have the 13th floor XD Superstitiousnya XD

N that particular night I received an unexpected news! I didn't believe it at first until I got a 'bar' confirmation ;p ceh2! Anyways, was happy utk tidak membazir mknan, wlupon amat selekeh pada ketika itu =D n also, pdn muke :P

The next day came very quickly, where the talks has indeed begun, while registration finally ended that evening though not much participants remained to be registered on the second day =D
Our booth sold tudungs (which I bought 2 hoho) brouches, serkop, baju2, kek lapis, kek batik and cornflake cawan! Cornflake cawan was made by Hani, Yani n Jannah! While I only helped to put the cornflakes into the cups =p
Tu pon I beli hahaha truknya XD

*tadaaaa, to be put in the oven! =D

Suke sgt2 the talks given by Sheikh Omar, though his very first talk I did ran out of the dewan to attend to an emergency XD haih, besarnya bag! =P
Will be sharing what he shared with us during muktamar, insya-Allah in the other blog of mine! =)

Kalau tak sabar, silalah beli DVD muktamar dr my senior~ 10$ sahaja! XD The DVD consists of most of the talks given on the whole muktamar =)
Here's the link:

*Ye ayoh, anakku mu ini tolong promote nih! ;p

The girls managed to pull out a nasyid+drama intro performance for the Ya'mun Nisa event! Gogogo girls!! XD
*n jgn la nangis, sob3 =)

*Us on stage XD

For the penutup, ade la persembahan2 yg menarik by kanak2 semua, as well as a really nice nasyid by the guys (I liked the instrumental parts, sgt cun! XD)and nasyid yg sgt memerlukan stamina yg byk oleh pakcik2 yg bersemangat tinggi! XD

Managed to meet up with old2 friends, like ILHAAAMMMM OMGGG rindunya pada kamuuuu!!! XD

After muktamar ended, we had our post-muktamar event, where we played laser tag n went shopping kat kedai yg bwat clearance. Bought two beautiful dresses at the price of 8$ each! and travelling bags juga yg amat murah, shared with Izzati =D

*one of the 8 dollar dresses XD
Laser tag sgt besht! It was quite funny when terjumpa musuh n dia menjerit2 n tembak2 adoiii XD

Soon we were off to Florida, Orlando. Tata Atlanta! =D

Hmm.. byk sgt ni the things we have enjoyed and went through! And unfortunately, since I have a really2 bad memory, most of the things are all mixed up XD

Tp things that I can remember adalah bits and pieces mixed up everywhere =D:

I rode perhaps the most number of roller coasters and rides I have ever ridden for the past years of my life in three days.

Rock It Roller coaster (The red one at universal studios, the 1st one I sat on) was sososososo gillaaaa XD (90 degrees going upwards once the ride starts instantly, and I could not see anything past then XD)

Here you go, 90 degrees start XD

I liked the Hulk punya roller coaster (yg hijau) because that one I can open my eyes and actually be able to see the ground when we were upside down XD

I also liked the Mummies punya indoor roller coaster! GOing backwards, feeling intense heat (yes, literally) was awesome! Despite the crazy speed we went through in total darkness and really being helpless on how the ride throws you from left to right XD But still, loved it weeeee =D

Dpt beli Nying Nyanggg dr universal studies! Dia sgt comellllllll =D

Bersama Pooh, Nyquil and bear iylia XD
Also bought mickey mouse punya ears haha XD
And also a t-shirt, since tu yg paling murah =p
Really2 liked another tshirt! ade gamba guitar lg dgn mickey sgt cun, tapi takde size waaaa =(

Oh ya, it was raining when we reached Disneyland: The Magic Kingdom! Despite the rain, kita tetap tempuhi dengan tabah!! XD

*tu diaaaa XD

*ticket2 jgn lupa! =)

From the parking lot, we naek trem to the ferry, to disneyland. When we went back, naek monorail plak XD

Managed to see the castle of Cinderella, day n Night. Night time was beautiful, with all the lights! =D

Dpt jumpa scooby doo, shaggy and their famous van XD

I really liked Mickey's 3D Musical! It was more like 4D to me, as we could actually smell the cake on screen and the 3D effects were awesome!! =D

Liked The Terminator punya 3D as well! Diorang keluar masuk screen wohooo XD

The Shrek punya 3D pon cun! But unfortunately, why do u have to cucuk2 our kaki when you show hundreds of spiders dropping onto the floor from the ceiling? XD I practically screamed my heart out. aaaaaaaaaa XD

We were DRENCHED when we went to the Island of Adventure (Part 2 of universal Studios) Popeye punya ride tu la! Gila basaaahh okaayyy, n sejoookkk XD

Managed to go to Jurassic Park tu, cuak gila dekat the T-rex! and splassshhh we wentt XD

Ade suka satu Hard Rock Cafe punya baju, tapi mahal gilaa waa2 =( Pastu disuro2 beli drum sticks tp maap sbb mahal tak dibeli, kedekot punya pasal =p

All 3 parks were HUGEE, sakit kaki berjalan XD

MIB besht jgak la, tembak2~ tapi it was more memeningkan than the roller coaster rides. Adooiii XD

Buzz lightyear rupa2nya merupakan kesukaan tok kadi kita ;p

Stitch punya pon best! air liurrr argghhhh XD 'Did u miss me?' *messes with ur head* aaaaaa XD

Monster Inc. Comedy show pon sgt cun!! 3D screen cartoons in front, but they are communicating with the audience! XD
'Why can't Cinderella play Basketball?' asked the monster
The little kid in the audience answered 'Because she's a girl!'
ADooiiii XD
The answer was suppose to be because she kept running away from the ball XD

Splash mountain sgt cun XD

Basah basah basah =D

Menjumpai masjid yg sgt besar!!! tp sejok that nighttt wa waa XD

Oho after we pusing2 all the three parks, we went to Keywest (tmpat paling south in the US I think XD)It was beautiful, beach2!!! =D

*class of 2012 melompat dgn berjayanya XD

Then off to KFC~ the chickens were hugeeee (Halal, yay!!)

*ye Zyda, kita mempunyai perasaan yg sama XD

Miami Beach, sgt2 cantiiiiikkkk okayy!! XD
My sportshoe dah termasuk air laut, jadi berkaki ayamlah kita di Miami Beach XD

Telah berbaring2 dgn Hani, Fatin n Alot =)
Then berlari2 berjerit2 bila a cute little dog came running our way =D

Tak lupa untuk solat, Alhamdulillah =) U can never do this in Malaysia XD

Oh n terjumpa Trump punya hotelsss kat situ, sooo tinggi n besar!! XD

*menutup mata kerana matahari terlalu bersinar2 XD

YESS, I ATE ABC at one Malaysian punya kedai. Unfortunately tak serve halal meat, tp sedappp ABCCC XD

NASA yg.................... Castillo yg menarik!! XD XD

ade meriam2 ;p

*suke gamba ni, bergaya skit.. skit je la XD

Oh I really laughed out loud at the space center yg nak relate to tumbuh-tumbuhan. wahahahahah XD

All in all, suke sgt the whole trip!! Smoga dpt lagi berjalan2 dgn Ayoh, Pakcik Amar, Pak Supir, Tok Kadim, BOBOk, Along, Kembar 1, kembar 2, kak long, mak long, kak tom, adik, sarah, anak mak long, warden n ketua kamponngg XD

Thank you for the great trip! ALhamdulillah, Dia telah memberi kita peluang untuk menikmati keindahan ciptaan2Nya =)

Peluk tiang =P

the globe at night XD

Till we meet again!!! =)))