Sunday, August 23, 2009


*sorry about the rojakness XD*

Assalamualaikum!! =D

There's just too many things that had happened in the last 2 days, so I'm just gonna put them in bullet points! XD

*Balik on the 19th of August
*naek MAS jumpa ramai org =D
*reach state college with Malaysian weather
*masuk umah baru yay! =D
*pindah things from storage on friday (tired2)
*pindah sofa apai yg tak dpt masok umah
*buang last2 kesian XD
*got new dining table n study table from yard sale~
*good quality, n murah!! =D 40$ study table, 5$ chair
*brought them in on saturday (TIREEEEDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD)
*bersatu teguh bercerai roboh!! XD
*auntie taxi van sgt baek, tolong angkat2 lagi tak charge extra =)))
*dpt jeans n scarf free from yard sale (diorang bagi XD)
*jeans ori price: 58$!!
*internet curik line org haha
*no bed yet, lantai kampong (quote2)
*jumpa hunny balik! XD
*first day puasa, pindah2 perabot very goood! XD
*classes start tomorrow, wah2! semangat baruuu gogogo!! XD

That is all =)

Monday, August 17, 2009


3 months flew so fast, I didn't realize what these 3 months had given me throughout the period.

One is of course, my time visiting my friends over at RACTAr is over. Had one last meeting with the form 1 and form 2 just this morning,at the usual time =)
Everything was alright, they were asking me to draw for the last time XD
Then it was just around 20 minutes away before time's up.

I simply started to wish them and advise them about things that I could~ as usual, study hard, take care, listen to uncle, mama and ibu, bla3 =D

I told them lots of things, do not forget your prayers, you're not alone dlm menghadapi dugaan as everyone does =) Allah bagi dugaan pada orang yg Dia sayang =) Ingat uncle, mama, ibu semua marah2 kasi denda semua, tapi tu semua tande diorang sayang =) be optimistic! Dun give up and studies is really2 important..

To my surprise, one of the girls who seemed quite shy with me but I had times together doing her homework with her, really cried a lot. While some of her friends did giggle at her tears (including herself haha XD) but another two girls also had teary eyes (kilau2*)

They would usually go upstairs to change at 11.15am where they would just salam me and head up with their bags and books. But this time, they already had their bags and books with them, but they didn't budge from the dewan makan. *sediiihnyaaaaa*

I knew that if they changed late they would get a scolding, so I led them to their staircase, then only they moved XD Only then, the other two girls cried a little at the staircase. I had the last hugs from a few girls. OH sedih2!! XD

I got a few gifts from them as well. Thank you sooooo muchhh!!! =D

*shoe keychain from Wahida
*yellow bag with pic n surat n note holder from Nurul
*card and perfurme from Hazira and Kak Ida =)

Headed back to the main office as usual before heading home, thanking Encik Dzul for the opportunity, and minta maap klu ada salah silap =) he said the same, and wish me gud luck. Thank you Encik Dzul! =D

Insya-Allah, klu panjang umur and murah rezeki, kita akan bertemu kembali =)

*Flashback on kanak2 kecil: Puteri and Anisha
Puteri kissed me, cubit2 my pipi n tekan my mata ow ow XD
Anisha: mama saya beli kasut baru!
Me: mama yg mana (because got mama n ibu at ractar)
Anisha: Mama saya yang itam!
*golek2* hahahahaha XD

They're too young to understand that I won't see them maybe up till a year, but it was actually good as they would be crying if they did.

I'll miss everyone of u! Take care, and all the best =) I will always cherish this memory!!

*harap2 my surat sampai to kanak2 sesi pagi =))

Monday, August 10, 2009


"Equestrian? Mcm mane tu?"

That was my response when Encik Dzul asked me whether I would like to join it the next Sunday~ on the 9th of August X)

He told me that it was to see horse jumping~ hahaa XD I then said Insya-Allah, if I have no other plans, I will join them that Sunday, which I did! yay yay =D (quote2 blueeek)

There were 40 of us, 36 girls and 4 pengiring (me, Midah, Izza n Kak Ida). We started our journey at around 10 am, where a bus took us to the venue which was around 1 hour away XD

We arrived at the 3Q Equestrian club at Kuang, Rawang at around 11. It started of with the formal speeches. It turns out that was in fact a one-day program specially for anak2 yatim =) there were 3 more rumah anak yatim that attended the event. Rumah Bakti, Ijabah n one more I can't recall haha XD

We sat under a few tents, and we first witnessed a simple magic show, then the event moved on to mini games such as passing the rubber band with straws, blowing balloons till they explode, calling out our rumah and we have to reply with assigned sounds (cheh haha XD) decorating a cake, drinking lemon juice from a baby's water bottle haha XD

Nurul n Wahida =)

Me n Hazira =)

Though I only witness the girls playing the games, it was sure fun to watch (and funny haha XD)

We then had lunch from Marrybrown (sedap2 hihi) and later on continued with more games, and then we headed to the ring where the competition will be held after Zohor prayers. Oh2 and we did get caps and t-shirts as well as other stuffs in our goody bags, pakai baju tu ketat wlupon saiz L *sob2* T.T

We also got free milo!! Ade truck milo dtg waktu petang by the tents, ape laggiiii ;p

This is the chalet~ The place to do our prayers. Very cosy! =)

Sitting beside the ring for the competition =)

The contestants surveying the field before the competition starts.

Drum performance before the competition started! =) *sorry for the bad quality, orang lalu lalang XD*

The competition was great!! There were 11 contestants, some from the US, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong and Malaysia too of course =) And I'm proud to say that the winner, did not hit any poles (no penalty points, a clean run!) was Khalid Ahmad, a MAlaysian wohooo!! XD (I'm sorry if I got your name wrong XD)

All the horses gather for the victory run =)

The victory run by Khalid Ahmad!*

We then headed back to the tents for teatime and the present-giving ceremony, every rumah anak yatim got equal hampers, only their sizes differed from each other =)

Nurul, Midah and Izzah + hamper XD

Soon it was time to go home! It was around 5 at that time, and we waited for the bus for quite some time (taking pictures to kill time too hehe)

Me, Nadia and Nurul =))

We were then told that our bus was stuck somewhere in a traffic jam, and the orang2 equestrian asked us to get back in~ to ride the horses, yayyy!!! =D (quote2)

Me, Midah and Izzah let the girls to try to ride the horses first, while their trainers guided the horses for a short stroll in that sandy field =) Klu sempat then only I will try to ride one.. Which I did! hahaha it was fun!!! And the horse that I rode was really2 tall!! nak naek kena naek kerusi dulu XD

2 horses were giving us the rides~ I rode the white n brown one (kat blakang tu XD)

During the short stroll, I asked the men how old the horse was. He said it was only 3 or 4 years old. And he then mentioned that their life span is not long~ around 9 years!!! O.o Horses have a shorter life span than a cat!! (cats could live up to 20) I did some research, and they have stated that horses could live up to 30-40 years old, if they were taken good care of. I think that 9 years could probably be their life span in this era. All due to our dying world =(

Getting of the horse was a little bit scary, as it started to move it's head haha XD But I got off safely weeeee =) And I also managed to touch and feed some horses in their stable, where one of the girls showed me a shy, Australian horse which was still young. It was very white, and it even looked like a unicorn! (without a horn that is haha) tp sgt2 comelll!! XD

Australian horse =))

*swings head*

I was also able to meet two ponies!! They could only grow up to that 'small' size, but the trainer said that we could even ride them (yes, he said I could as well even though I'm bigger than them haha) But they're surely adorable!!! =)

The bus finally arrived and we were on our way back to ractar =) It was quite a long day, with the intense heat right before the competition started, so I think almost all of us fell asleep at least for a while in the bus XD

Alhamdulillah we arrived safely back at Ractar, and papa came to pick me up. This might be the last time I meet up with the sesi pagi girls, as I am only able to meet up with the evening session girls on weekdays =( Hope to see them at least one more time before heading back to the US. If not, takde rezeki je =) smoga Allah sentiasa melindungi dan merahmati mereka!! =)

I'll surely miss u guys!! =))

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3 in 1

Assalamualaikum =)

hoho this was not really an event where three things happened at once, but I simply put them together in here to avoid pembaziran blog haha =D


I was kinda moody on that day, and that very night mama suddenly came into the room and told me that she has memorized 14 jawi letters already! And she had practised them with the book I bought for her (using my papa's $$, so technically I didn't really buy it for her just yet XD) which actually made my day, as she wrote them down on the white board based on memory =) And she did it!

She then asked me to test the letters randomly, to see whether she could remember them when they are jumbled up. And so I did, and she managed to 'pass' my quiz! XD

Here it is, 100%!! XD

Thank you mama, I hope you will continue on to learn all of them, and your efforts will definitly not be in vain! Insya-Allah =')
I went to my senior's wedding last Sunday!
Congratulations Kak Wani and Abdul Fatah =))
Smoga bahagia sampai bila2 ya =)
I will never forget this wedding (wlupon sampai lambat and sempat borak2 skjap je, maap2 Kak Wani n Aini! XD) as this is considered my first ever friend's wedding that I have ever attended =) (all this while attend cousins, makcik2 pakcik2 yg far older than I am punya wedding XD)
This was also the first time I actually searched and bought a wedding gift, wrapper and a card! XD
Kak Wani and Mama =)
All I can say is that no matter what others may think, klu da jodoh Kak Wani, pedulikkan!! XD Insya-Allah with your love, sincerity in committing to a serious and long lasting relationship, with hopes of building a family and have children that will change your life, all for the love of Allah, you will be blessed =) I wish you all the best and kami doa2kan kebahagiaan Kak Wani ya!! =)))
3rd, last but certainly short! XD
I think just two days ago, I went to Ractar as usual, where I played a little with the smaller children (Puteri and Anisha). And at one point, Puteri was either tugging my shirt or hitting me softly to get my attention, just to ask me to draw something on her paper, I heard her calling me
"ma" =)
Tataw la klu tersalah dgr ke or something suddenly struck my eardrums, but I hope that I was listening to her properly, repeating it twice =)
And she just hugged me today, which was weird as she was more shy towards me compared to Anisha, and she hugged me a lot today =)
Oh yeah, right after she hugged me, I asked
her "sedap tak?" and she said "sedap" hahaha besht pelok org berisi ini XD
That is all for now~
Thank you for all the sweet moments, Allah =))

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

FF X Piano Ending Theme

Please excuse my many mistakes XD

Monday, August 3, 2009


eventhough you’re skinny as a wooden board
your head’s like a lollipop
or should I say that u look like one?

No matter the length of your hair
long or short like a bear
for you will I be still able to care
And I know that you’d be there
When I am in despair
or if I need a friend to share

Therefore I like you all the way
Though our unity have delay
do not forget what I have to say
Your jokes never fail to make me happy
Though sometimes it might be crappy
Or I might laugh when it’s not even funny
Which makes myself look so dopey
But then you’ll laugh cause then I’m funny
So to pick a fight I’ll say wo jia ni

Therefore I like you all the way
Though our unity have delay
do not forget what I have to say
Though I could not yet be your boo
Continue with the things we have to do
But don’t forget that I like you

Though at times you might not know
That you could bring me so low
Till I shed my tears on my pillow
But then I took a thread to sew
My broken heart that you love so

I like you all the way
Though our unity have delay
do not forget what I have to say
Though you make me sad on some days
But at others you make my day
I like you is all I have to say.

***: no sound