Friday, August 26, 2011

On The Air

Assalamualaikum! :D

So a few weeks ago, my friends and I arrived at KLIA on the 17th of August 2011 to head back to US before our Fall classes begin. Apparently there were more Malaysians on board on that particular flight than what we had expected :p which is a pleasant surprise! :)

Usually, we could book our seats on the plane for our flight hence we get to sit with our friends on the plane. But due to technical difficulties of Cathay's website, we were only able to book our seats for the flight from KL to Hong Kong. The seats from HK to JFK was completely random!

N there I was finding my seat. Thankfully I got the aisle seat; at least I won't need to disturb the other passengers if I needed to go to the bathroom (which we usually do need to do so eventually :P) I find myself sitting next to a nice old Chinese couple, most probably from Hong Kong as we had a transit there for about an hour :)

*okie they weren't that old, maybe around their 40s or 50s :)*

At the very beginning, I could hear the husband 'scolding' his wife on how to arrange the bags on the floor before taking off. I smiled at their honestly sweet little argument :) Then I had to put my handbag in front and below her husband's seat as under my seat was already full. Such a nice guy to not mind my handbag being there for quite a while :D

Then during the flight, as usual we will wear our headphones and scroll up and down on what movies to watch on the mini screens in front of us. Just then, the nice old couple both asked for my help on how to set up the headphones, and even show them how to choose a movie, change the language to chinese, and turn up the volume.

I did not understand mandarin, and they could not really converse in English. So we were really talking to each other in sign language hahahaha :D btol2 mcm ayam dan itik gitu. adoi2 XD

These are the ways you could use to talk in 'sign' language :p:
- How to turn up volume? = take off your headphone, and show it to the other person and shake your head or hand
- How to choose Chinese language = point your finger to the options you desire on the screen
- but please note, once the language changes to chinese, I have NO CLUE how to choose the following other options!!! XD (entertainment or music, etc etc)
To choose a movie = point finger to desired movie
- To choose subtitle options = please wait for me to refer back to the ENGLISH version :P

There were times I tried to talk to the old couple and break the ice. But all I could get were head nods, yes-es and thank you hahaha XD There was this once where her husband went to the restroom, and I tried to talk to the lady and asked her where was she heading to in the US. I think she said Ohio, and then baby? I'm guessing she's going there to visit her children XD She did mention something else in Mandarin, but I had no clue what she meant :(

Then she said that her English~ *shakes head* hahaha that one I understood XD n then I told her "Mandarin, wo puche-tau" (means I don't know) and you could literally see her face lit up and she was laughing all the way. I said I only know wo che tau, wo pu che tau, wo ai ni~ and she really laughed when I said wo ai ni hahahaha :D

*big smiles :)*

What else happened ya? Oh2 since my friends and I ordered the Muslim meal, our meals usually comes earlier than the rest as I think they are already ready-made, and only required heating before serving it to us. And I was eating first with my meal, and the husband beside me was anxiously waiting for his food, and finally turned to me and said "I'm hungry" while holding his stomach hahahahha XD

16 hours on the flight flew by rather quickly I must say :)

But the thing I couldn't forget most was when we have landed safely, and when we were waiting to get off the plane and had taken out our bags from the overhead compartments, the chinese old lady held my hand with a wide smile and saying goodbye and thank you. (for helping with the electronics haha XD) I also can't forget the kindness of her husband when it was late at night, and he asked for instant noodles in the cup for him n his wife to have. Before he ate his noodles, he offered me some very kindly :)

Aahh old chinese couple, I miss you already :) May we meet again, and hopefully I have already mastered Mandarin by that time and could converse with you much much more better than the last time. No more sign language, aite? :)

Assalamualaikum :)

Oh just for a very incredible love story:


Friday, August 19, 2011

Goodbye Malaysia

*raya clothes for sale yeaahh :P*

Assalamualaikum :)

Summer is over, and classes will begin soon. Finally a senior at Pennstate :) how time flies!

I guess manyyy manyy things had happened throughout summer, and I kind of forgotten what I had yet to write here and what I had already written haha :D please excuse my forgetfulness, but here are the last few things that MAYBE I had not written about my summer :) ;

-finally finished my intern at FELDA :) received testimonial from my supervisor yay!

*tugas sampingan at work :P*

-and also unexpected gifts from friends at FELDA :) like ruler n penyepit baju, keychains and tudungs haha XD
*gifts from friends n housemates :)*

-I also managed to give raya cards and small goody backs for my friends at FELDA :)
*the goody bags! wee :P*

-sempat berbuka puasa with friends, housemates! :)
Add Image*candle light dinner? XD*

*with housemates! :)*

*nak bayar at the counter, saw kittens on the desk awww :D*

-managed to meet up with BESTIES!! I will miss you guyss sosososo mucchh :')

*me n aynaaa :D*

*hohohoho ;p*

*gifts from aynaa! :D tankiuu so muchh love! :)*

*Nenek enchem+my new keychain nenek bagi isk3 :P*


-with family too :)
*mama n meee :)*

*mama freaked out when she saw her plates I brought back haha XD*

*me n muh sis! :)*

*aida wanted to get taller, soo.. :P*

-sempat mama buat my fav kuih raya to bring back yayyyy :D

Hmm I guess that's really it for the remaining days of my summer in Malaysia :)

Alhamdulillah, I have really gotten the most out of my summer! :)
Not only have I gained valuable experience of working in a lab environment (related very2 strongly to my major :D), but I have also gained the chance to live and get a small glimpse of the lives of some of the sisters there.

What it is like to be working without prior college education, how you could be working your butt off but could only get so much of a salary.
Truth be told, even though they might not be some of the richest people on Earth, they are still some of the kindest and friendliest people you could meet :) Truly, money does not equal to happiness or modesty and love.

I also felt quite ashamed, of how my friends and I would complain that once we graduate, we would only get about RM1800 as our starting salary for people of my major. But when I was talking to one of the sisters working at FELDA, they said Alhamdulillah, getting a salary more than 1000 is so much more compared to other previous jobs they had had. Oh Allah.. :'(

and Alhamdulillah, I finally managed to stand up for what I believe in, for the people I love. I no longer stand in silence. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for the strength you have given me :') Even though I might have lost the battle, I have yet to lose the war :) caiyok2!

*I will save you one day, insya-Allah..*

I also managed to realize what the goals of my life are. Though it might not be all that clear just yet, I recognize that I have more important priorities in life now :)

And thank you Ayna, for letting me know that love still exists :') insya-Allah, I will remember your advices. Thank you so much for our date! :)

Thank you nenek enchem jgak, sbb sudi spend time dgn biskot wlupon amat skjap, and sanggup golek2 dgn biskot yee tankiuuu2 :)

Boarded the plane to USA on the 17th of August, at 1.30pm.

*last view of home :(*
*babaiii :(*

*last pic with mama before boarding the plane :')*

Goodbye Malaysia. Till we meet again, loves of my life :')