Saturday, October 4, 2014

Raya Dua Kali.. Or Tiga

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. :) 
Gosh, it had been agess since the last time I updated my blog. Definitely LOADS of things had happened so far. I'm gonna have to depend on my pictures to help recall all these stories XD
So based on the pictures above:
- New baju raya was last-minute; I received it a day before I went back to Subang! And I managed to accidentally find a matching skirt for my baju haha weird enough but truly grateful :)
-Dapat Raya with besties!! Both of them came to my house with their families :) Thank you so much!
- Got a new phone with my sis; mainly because her old phone was dying on her and I had always had a crush on Xperia Sony phones :P And knowing the mengada me, I had to get golden stickers/skin for it and a wonderful transparent cover!

- Finally got that high-heel mint green shoes for my best friend's wedding in November! Was definitely a challenge trying to get heels sbb the dress is very labuh :O

- Went to a few weddings recently; Kak Fizah in Kamunting and Adeelah's wedding in Kedah! Was definitely a fun trip to Jitra :D First time! Semoga sentiasa bahagia sehingga ke Jannah :)

-Meet up with some ol' Pennstaters. I don't think I've gotten any taller haha XD

Well that's all so far. I'd have to transfer all the pictures first before I could write more. 'Till next time :)