Monday, August 26, 2013

First Semester! :D

Passed for my first sem on my post-graduate diploma in education!! Hoorayyy Alhamdulillah! :D

*3 more sems to go*

Was actually nervous all over again before I checked my results online. Haha brings back memories! I miss you Pennstate :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Danish! :D

Assalamualaikum wbt :)

So during Raya, I finallyyy met my NEPHEW for the first time ever! :D

He is supeerr duperr adorableeee T^T and when I threw him up and down in the air he really liked it and smiled and laughed! XD

*baling2 timee hee sukanya dia XD*

*sumpah comelll XD*

He was quite heavy though but SUPER CUTE! XD

Gift of life is so wonderful :)) Alhamdulillah!

Till next time :D


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rayaaa 2013

Assalamualaikum! :D Yess long time no write againnn. Pejam celik pejam celik it is already August! Even Ramadhan is over, and Eid is here :) Alhamdulillah for another chance to experience ramadhan (even though ganti-ing days are closee T_T) and another Eid WITH my family :))

*mama's cookinggg GOOD FOOOOODDD OMNOMNOM*
*Duke in the kitchen menyibok :P*
Had fun driving back alone again from Kamunting! :) trick to have things your way: do it first thennn inform :p Was a little bit sleepy so I stopped at tapah. Remembered that mama liked the big melon which until today I cannot remember the name XD After that still felt sleepy but alhamdulillah slamat sampai :)

*Mama looks BEAUTIFUL, and I look TEMBAM :P*

Managed to go to the bazaar here in subang once but then I found myself buying nasi lemak from a humble stall compared to other grand stalls available: might be that I am already so accustomed to kamunting environment. How fascinating is the human capability to adapt! :)

Raya as usual was busy with relatives and friends coming over and layaning them XD alllll the cooking and cookies were done by mama. We just helped to serve itupun with close and strict monitoring from mommy dearest :p

*Cousins and uncles praying Maghrib :)*

*nice Cookie place at Tok Nah's house XD*
Other than feeling happy that I managed to finish marking papers early, I also felt happy about falling sick (yes believe it or not :p) It's because I had a terrible sore throat at the end of ramadhan and I didn't tell mama. So long and behold my sister kindly gave salt water, panadol, antibiotics and succulent which she bought later along with manyy manyyy advices like 'gargle this water and eat this 2 biji blablablabla' nonnstopp until I got better :p

*See the salt water? Oh and she also made me tea and gave me water :')*
There was also this once when I had a slight fever and could barely stand up and she willingly switched places with me to do the dishes. She might not know it but all she did for me during this time really touched me :) thank you mah little sistahh me love you very muchh! :))

*She also bought me this book with empty pages as she knows I like to draw! SOOO NICE ONE this book and mahall kotttt T_T She bought it while jalan2ing with her friendss sob3 me terharu tankiuuu Aidaaa T^T*

Managed to finally catch up with ayna n nina too!! Aahh miss you guys sososo much :') Got some duit raya too even though I didn't get most of them but I am still grateful!! XD *still want duit raya T_T*

*Beautiful Nina! :) Didn't realize we sat at the restaurant for 2 hours: the waiter asked if we got our food haha and I think he had a crush on Nina :P*

The holidays will be over soon. And hectic schedule here I come!! XD School has been fun! Certainly has it's ups and downs but the best part is when they made progress which they are even excited about! :)

S says to my friend : cikgu tgk saya pass sejarah!
K says to me at the moment I stepped out of class with his paper: cikgu mcm mane nak naikkan markah sejarah lagi?

Happy teacher is happy heee alhamdulillah :)

*Kids who came over for extra class before the test :)*

Other than that, I have decided to take things slower next time. Yes life is short, but rushing things wouldn't help anyone especially yourself :)
Alhamdulillah for Your blessings and guidance :))

Last but not least, Quality time with family involves eating and shopping :P

*Steamboat! OMNOMNOM*

*New phone cover! Cheap cheap and nice. 
My blog: I am allowed to be vain :P*

I also had fun helping my friend to compose the lyrics of a song dedicated to Friends :) I was given a piano-demo song and tried to make the lyrics and sing it using my guitar. And apparently he was soooo fond of it terus buat video haha XD

*enjoy this song composed by an old friend!* 

Till next time. Two more months though until school is over. Gosh, how time flies! :)

Assalamualaikum! :)