Monday, August 30, 2010


Bullet point form will be used for this blog sekian terima kasih :P

-Went to NY and tumpang umah rakan2 di Stevens
-Unexpected reunion with Eammm :D :D
-Met with Auntie Ninie n her daughter :)
-Jalan2 using NY pass kot
-Museum very big! found Malaysia n Islam *sob2 terharu* :)
-Jumpa Mahatma Gandhi at Madame Tassauds hihihi
-Met the Statue of Liberty! :)
-Acap buat kelakar n hilangkan diri kat Stevens :P
-Buat kelakar dgn kereta jgak bila parking ish3
-Naek Empire State Building and Rockefeller at night~ sgt tinggi, windy n hujanii :P
-unfortunately sakit tekak n selsema for a few days sob2
-Mkn Nyquil n zzzzz :p
-Went to Boston to jln2
-Harvard n MIT
-singgah USS Constitution n Public Garden
-jumpa itik2 n boats :P
-USS constitution was free! n very interactive n informative! :)
-itik dtg dekat sbb baju sama kaler haha
-mkn lobster murah at Yankee Lobster
-sedapp n kenyangg wohoo
-free entertainment jgak at consert sebelah je. ape da nama diA? XD
-masa carik2 the kedai lobster, asked directions from a police
-bila cakap bye2 dia bagi salam. waaaahhhhh :D n he was black :)
-jalan2 kat mall pon, tiba2 ade one cute short hair girl who was white bagi salam as we passed by :) :)
-Niagara Falls was sooooooooooooooo beautifull!!! nak pegi lagiiii :D
-the Aquarium n Discovery center not main attraction :P
-Cave of the Winds and Maid of the Mist sgt cun! :D
-poncho mmg amat perlu weee
-Mandi air terjun with poncho!! :) Canada side dapat ke? ;p
-Naek trolley :)
-next time nak tgk at night, this time tgk natural punya je ;)
-sampai DC jumpa ramai kwn2! :)
-mkn byyyyyykkkkkkkkkkkkk for iftar
-ade activity2 comel2 ;p
-Da blaja how to kelim karipap from Adeelah! :D
-mkn bykkkkkkkkkkkkkk lagi mase buka puasa
-pak supir suka bercerita ttg my sound effects. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
-2 kereta pegi, balik convoy ramai2 :)

Last week of summer was used fully! :) Please go to my fb page to see the many2 pictures sbb tak larat nak upload here ;P

Enjoy videos from Niagara Falls! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010


While walking to class, something suddenly flew right onto my forehead. I took my hand to get it to know what it was (manela tau lebah ke yg dtg menyengat huwaaaa)

N when I held out my hand with it, rupa2nya it's a small ladybug :) comel je!

N I held out je my hand waiting for it to fly off, tapi tak terbang2. Haish nak masuk kelas jgak ke? XD after a while, it then took off :)

papai ladybug!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Six Flags :)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.! =)

Last weekend (on,,, alamak lupa tarikh XD), me+Izzati+Izzah+Iqbal+Ammar bertolak to Six Flags; the theme park that has the fastest and tallest roller coaster!! :D *woot2*

*on the wayyy wohoo!*

oho we headed off to Rutgers university on Friday night, bertolak around 9 pm =) Alhamdulillah slamat sampai Rutgers at around 12/1am? (BAD MEMORY kicks in) tgk2 rumah diorang waaaaaaaaaaahhhh, comel!! :D btol2 umah sebijik! not like us staying in apartments kat pennstate (not that this is bad hihi)

The guys tumpang rumah Topek (dunno how to spell ur nickname, sorry2 haha) n the gurls tumpang umah Aishah; masuk2 nampak a sofa-bed opened specially for us! wah2 terharuuuu* =')
Aishah is best friends with Izzah, me n izzati kenal2 mcm tu je. Tankiu2 kasi tumpang ya!!! :)

*rutgers! :D*

We spent the night there, and head off to Six Flags the very next day!! Bertolak at around 8.30am kot. Singgah Subway makan2 breakfast n bungkus for lunch :P From Rutgers to six flags took about 45minutes je, mcm from home going to KLIA wahahaha *takde kaitan*

*our transportation :)*

*basikal kena curik? sob3 T.T*

*izzati di subway :P*

Pastu sampai2 the parking lot, tgk2 byk lagi tempat kosong (because we were early hoyeaah!) n from the parking lot itself we can SEE VISUALLY (see=visual=same=please ignore) Roller coasterssss from afar!! =D

*byk sungguh! :D*

*King Da Ka! cuak2*

Kuar2 from the car trus amik2 gamba sbb excited kahkah :P n then we head off to the main gate!

Marilah kita dengar cerita kelakar Siti Izzati Zulkafli lagi sekalik :D :D
My dear n loving housemate bought our tickets online, sbb klu beli online is much2 cheaper and beli ramai2 pon lagi cheaper!
so we all pon pusing2 to find the place where we can claim our online tickets.

When we asked one of the girls over the counter, she looked at the printed resit that Izzati has brought. The girl then said "this is a Flashpass. You have to buy a separate ticket to get in."
The Flashpass was for us to potong2 line and get on rides really quickly, but we still had to buy separate tickets to get into the themepark.

Okie, honestly kalau fikir balik skang mmg nak tergolek2 gelak wahahahaha :D tapi masa we got to know on the spot mmg cuak skit la, sbb takot ticket mahal n tak dpt masuk macam mane?? haihh izzati2 suke eh buat klaka macam ni? :P

Thankfully, izzati pegi tanye the gurl at the information center/ customer service, and the girl offered us to get the tickets at the online price (which is half from the actual price if you were to buy it on-site) HoYEAH!!

So the grand total was about $50. Which is not so bad as it is the same price as a standard ticket to Hershey's Park, or so I've heard :P Wat matters is, we got the ticket at a cheaper price, and WITH a Flash Pass!

So that is how we managed to ride about 12 roller coasters in less than 12 hours :D :D not to mention I managed to meet my DEAR DEAR DOLPHINS <3 <3 yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! :D

Okie2 smbung with the main story! So we lined up to enter the theme park, and boy was there like a zillion people there! And it was very2 early in the morning too! :D
*please note that the sun was up too. TERBAKAR AGAIN nehiiiii tamo itam balik sbb da putih a bit since midwest!! XD*

Masuk2 izzati went to claim our flash passes, (or flash pass actually hihi) n while waiting, the rest of use looked at the map n planned our trip for the day. And yes, we aimed all the ROLLER COASTERS ONLY :P

*our flash pass= ELECTRONIC :D our 'tamagotchi' hihi*

*fountain near the entrance :D*

Mase tgh planning2, kebetulan we also saw this place very close to us that was sort of like a stadium with pool for dolphins to perform...... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! XD Terus we looked at the performances' time, and there were two: one at 1.30 and the other at 5.30. And we managed to see both wahahaha :D

okie2 then we saved a spot to come back to that same place to watch the dolphins at 1.30pm *falls in love at this moment* n then we decided to ride one mini roller coaster in order to give pak supir a jump-start :P

PAK SUPIR! you owe me sumting because I ended up tercampak2 within my seat sbb duduk sorang2 in that roller coaster :P (you know when it turns, you slide over to the other side violently?) sakit bdn wah2 XD

*air $12 tp refill gila byk kali wahaha :P*

(not in order due to bad memory but I'll try my best)
1. NITRO: kaki hanging in the air. huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa first time naek this type of roller coaster waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa XD

*inilah peta dia wahaha*
3. BATMAN: The Dark Knight: indoor roller coaster. agak boring haha n kasar okie!

*attempt to jump yg tak berjaya*

*muka izzah ade topeng on the screen wahahaha*
3. SKULL MOUNTAIN: indoor roller coaster. igtkan berhantu tp laju jgak wohoo!

4. water ride forgot the name hihi

*yg izzati paksa dok depan cover dia, cisssss :P*
5. BIZARRO (another leg-hanging one)

6. SUPERMAN: mmg mcm supermanlah. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

*imagine riding a roller coaster in that position. mmg superman sungguh waaaaaa*
7. Old roller coaster ape tah name :P MMg kasar gila arrgghh
8. Rolling Thunder. old n kasar jgak adoi!
9. El Toro: The largest WOODEN roller coaster. n also the most cuak and very very longgg ride. BILA NAK ABIS NI Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa
10. KING DA KA: The TALLEST N FASTEST roller coaster on earth. huwaaaaaaaaaaa sgt bessshhttt wajib naek!! XD

eh only 10 eh? I could have sworn we rode about 12 rides in less than 12 hours :P

Well the roller coaster rides were awesome! Not to mention how much I screamed sampai the next day mcm sakit tekak a bit :P
oh2 n we also roda this little parachute thingi that brings u up into the air like VERY VERY HIGH UP in the air, n bring u back done gracefully :)

*this is the parachute! :)*

Many people went up the parachute thingi n we had to line up for quite some time before we were able to ride it. One by one we watched people go up in the air and it's sort of like peaceful and it just went up and came down gently.

But when it was my turn to ride the thing... I was screaming+laughing all the way waaaaaaaaaaa tingginya waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa tolonnggggggggggggggg napee orang lain tak jerit waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa XD *sorry ammar kahkah*

izzati+izzah n especially ammar gelak je tgk me jerit2 n complaining even when I was already on the ground, isshhhhhh :P

*view at the top. GILA TINGGI OKAY!!!*

*we rode the cable car on the way to watch the dolphin show at 5.30 plak :)*

*views from the cable car*

*si penggegar cable car. isssssshhhhh :P*

we did had dinner n solat maghrib+Isyak at the parking lot, before riding El Toro n King da Ka AT NIGHT. we really managed to make it to the rides due to our flash pass, and we had to hurry because the place closed at 10pm.

*sunset :)*

*dpt coca cola zero for free on the way to the car hihik :D*

King da ka mmg cun lah, because it pecut from the bottom and shoots u up into the air n as it goes down u scream with all your life wahaha XD

After riding all the rides, we just roamed around the theme park that night before heading back to Rutgers :)

*the ferris wheel at night. pretty! :D*

*kedai2 lighted up*

*bugs bunny spotted!*

Then we spent another night at Rutgers, and headed to Atlantic City on Sunday afternoon!
But before that, me, Ammar n Izzati naek kereta pusing2 Rutgers to find souvenir stores and also buy lunch to bungkus (yg halal, dpt wings hoyeaahh!) but unfortunately, all the bookstores we went to were either closed for the day or did not exist :P

*haih rutgers niii tutup plak kn :P*

Pegi Atlantic City mmg just to pusing2 n sight-seeing, n we wanted to see the famous Boardwalk; a wooden platform along the beach, which is veryyyyyyyyyy lonngggggggggg n literally along the beach!! XD we all jalan2 that day pon tak abis cover the whole boardwalk!

Managed to see Trump's famous Taj Mahal, n singgah souvenir shops, watched seagulls flying over our heads n ducking *wah2 tamo kena droppings! XD*

*seagulls on Boardwalk :)*
dpt makan ice cream free dr ammar yg murah hati wahaha tankiu2! oh2 n also dpt beli souvenir n even dpt free engraving!! :D

*see see my name! :D*

*tipu je ni 99 cents :P*

*stuff I bought hehe*

*tunggu izzati di luar kedai :)*

*by the beach, nampak yachts!*

Ade jgak carik a few attractions at the Boardwalk, tp unfortunately tak jumpa2 the monopoly punya statue :P managed to see the Boardwalk at night too!

*terjumpa encik peanut juga, tu kot nama dia :P*
And also jumpa the Lighthouse: the tallest lighthouse or building in Atlantic City kot :)

*ade jgak Korean Memorial War*

*wanted to masuk tgk2 je kat dlm, tapi teringat that tgh pakai tudung kan. We must take care of Islam's image :) the guys boleh la masuk haha*

*other buildingsss*

We headed back home at around 9, and Alhamdulillah slamat sampai rumah :) Masa balik Ammar yg drive kereta n para2 penumpang borak2 topik2 yg menarik to temankan driver :D Lame2 baru I realized something. Ammar reminds me of my brother :) gaya dia ade la sama with abang. But I think abang is more gila2 with adik2 dia, but acts coolll konoonn with kawan2 dia wahahaha :P miss u lah my brother in Australia! sob3 :P

*curik from your fb bwahahaha :P*

This weekend was totally awesome!! Tankiu very much everyone :) n also para2 rakan di Rutgers yg sudi memberi kita tempat tidor sob3* :P

till next time ;)