Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A.C. Revisited

*beg2 coach yg sudah lama berbakti :p*

Assalamualaikum! :)

Few weeks back, my housemates and I went on our very first 'family' trip!! :D It was certainly exciting as we seldom travel together due to other plans with other friends all over this continent :)

Lo and behold, my housemates planned to go to Atlantic City for the weekend to get away from their exams that week XD
I was hesitant at first to follow them on their trip as I did have an exam and other homeworks the following week, but when Izzati told me that we never had a trip with our housemates, I found myself trying my best to make it to that trip! :)

So off we went to Atlantic City on Saturday night, and reached at Rex Motel to spend the night. We planned to wake up earrrlllyyy in the morning and go shopping on Sunday, and head home in the evening (gunakan masa sepenuhnya haha XD)

The motel was...... Shocking :P hahahahah cuak gila okie bila baru2 sampai, because it was very2 dark and we intentionally drove pass it because the place (at one glance) nmpak mcm motel yg crime rate itu amat tinggi kahkah :P But when we turned back to take a 2nd look, it wasn't all that bad.

But the room was not all that good either hahak XD It was a very2 small room, with one SINGLE bed, microwave, bathroom yg very2 small, and I saw a cross hanging right above the door in the room.....
YES We slept on the same single bed; all FIVE OF US. I am amazed that I didn't fall off the bed since I slept at the very end of the bed (mind you my leg was literally hanging off the bed the whole night :P) and the toilet was clean, but scary. hahahaha :P and oh yes, I do sleep secara sgt ganas, so it was definitely a surprise I didn't fall off the bed that night :D

Even so... Alhamdulillah, ade tempat berteduh malam itu :P

The very next morning, we quickly mandi and checked out of the motel (tak sabar nak keluar from their, trauma2 XD) n yup, I only brought up the cross that was hanging over the door in the morning. Because don't they hang those stuffs to halau hantu or something? OKAAYYY SCARYYYYYYYYYYY XD

So bertolaklah kita ke outlet2 di Atlantic City! :) managed to find a very cheap parking space~ before that we 'recharged' at McD, and parked and shopped until 6PM :P dptla makan halal chicken over there; Crown Chicken. Mmg sedapppp waaaahhh terharu2 :D oh2 dpt juga solat in the surau there~ second time visiting this surau :)

*menu of Crown Fried Chickent :D*

*ayam2 dia, nyum3*

Well, I really literally did not buy ANYTHING XD just temankn my housemates shopping, sempat jugak terTIDO at one of the stores while waiting :p (I was actually studying and sitting down while waiting for my friends. And *TUP* the papers fell out of my hand sbb tertido hahahaha kantoi je :p)

Oh2 and at one of the shops, I was just looking at some dresses until one of the salesgirl suddenly said 'hi' to me, and I simply said hi back with a smile. I continued browsing the dresses, until she suddenly asked me if I was a muslim :D I said yes, and she said so is she, and she is from Morocco! waaah2! :D excited skit hahaha XD

Then borak2 a bit with her, when she suddenly asked me: "Do you know chinese?"
I smiled and just asked her "why do u ask?"
Apparently she asked sbb she said I looked chinese. I was like waaaaaaaaattttt?? XD

Well, maybe she's like 1/100 people who do say that I look like a chinese within one glance :P cisssssssssssss :p

Before going back home, we had dinner at Malacca restaurant! mmg Baba Nyonya restaurant hohoho :D And I was so curious whether they kenal mama ke tak, unfortunately they didn't. But the food was delicioussssssssss!! Kenyanggg sgt2! :D

*pan-fried noodles! Delicioussss :D*

*all our dishes. nyum3*

We soon head back home, and Alhamdulillah slamat sampai umah! :)

Even though I went home empty-handed as in I did not purchase anything at all, but I surely did not go home empty-hearted as I enjoyed our little 'family' getaway :) (is there such a thing as empty-hearted? hahaha ;p)

Second time visiting Atlantic City though. First time I came by we only went sight-seeing, and had no idea those shops were part of an outlet rupanya. hohoho :)

*hasil pembelian housemate2ku :D*

Till next time! Assalamualaikum :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Long week

Assalamualaikum! :D

Had a really long week this week.. and yes the week is not even over yet bahahaha XD

Well had a rough time with exams, n as usual tak ckop tido haha XD n I found out who the culprit is for that 20 points question!! gaaaaaahhhh kejamnyaa TA yg comeelll ituuu!! XD

After golek2ing due to exams, had the usual SOC 300 class on wednesday evenings and talked about interesting stuffs once again! :) after the class has ended, we were required to stay back (I think it's not only me haha) and check in with either the TA or lecturer for just that day.

When I met up with Sheffy, she started off by asking how I was doing, n moved on to saying don't worry, you're not in any trouble or any sort.. (Me: Okie now you made me think~ AM I IN TROUBLE??)
hahaha~ but soon she was asking me how I was doing in the class and conversation, and specifically how do I feel about the class, as I was kinda like the minority~ it is the West meets Middle East class, n I'm just a muslim from southeast asia hihi XD But then she said that I have a very important voice too in the group, as I represent (or rather proof haha) that Islam is not only in the middle east, and should not be only associated to the middle east (stereotypes).

I told her that I was actually very2 happy to be in the class! Because I am learning so much from the 'Americans', as well as the Middle East! :) I think just for me, I am gaining double the benefit (insya-Allah) from this group as the more I hear about what they discuss, the more I learn! :) To tell you the truth, I am just as ignorant as the Americans about the middle East! I was glad to know that there are 22 countries just in the middle East!! And imagine how much variety of cultures and in the levels of conservatism there are! It's just so very2 diverse! :D

I am also happy to bring my point of view on our religion (mind you, not all middle easterns are muslims! :D) and secara tak langsung mmg terpromote Malaysia's name because I have to clarify that I am not from the middle east! XD

There was also this one time where we were talking about stereotypes, and someone asked if there was child labor in Malaysia. Mula2 blur2 jgak~ then when my friend told me that child labor is when you force children to work, I was like NOO NOO THAT's NOT TRUE!! XD and then a Chinese guy from China even said he had stereotypes about Malaysia too, but when he came to Malaysia, it was such a beautiful country and the people are so friendly~ Okiee sgt terharu di situuuuuu! :')

Oh2 there was also this time when the Middle eastern students were discussing on how they could recognize faces, and say automatically that they are from Egypt or Jordan, or from UAE or Kuwait or Iran~ and I find that amazing! :D And then our lecturer suddenly asked~ if you were to see Iliani, would you know where she was from? Then the guys said that if they saw girls in hijab but not with middle eastern features, they would automatically know that we are either from Indonesia or Malaysia because that's the other countries that have a high population of muslim. Terharuuuuuuuuuuuu once agaiiinnnn :')

Okie back to Sheffy hahaha XD She was glad to know that I am actually happy and enjoying the class, as she and our lecturer said that I was a little bit quiet at times (I was like oh hahaa)~ I then told her that I am the type of person who likes to listen sampai abis la if someone was talking before I voice out my opinion, so maybe I might be quite sometimes, but that would mean I am actually listening first before blurting out what I have in mind :D And Sheffy told me that I should not feel as a minority or so, and I DO have a voice in this group! :) *Terharu lagi, mane tissue??*

And something funny happened while I was waiting to meet up with Sheffy. I am taking an intro to sociology class with Sam Richard who is amazing! :D and he happens to be the husband of Laurie; my lecturer in SOC 300 haha XD and when the class was over, he was there waiting for Laurie and talking to students. Coincidently his class is right before Laurie's class, and his class is in a big lecture hall compared to Laurie's class~ around 20 people only. Tapi since I am wearing the hijab, mcm obvious gila kot in his lecture class haha XD
N then tiba2 he come up to me (once laurie's class was over) and asked 'You're in SOC 001 right?' (his class), then I said yes and he was like okie n smiled and walked away. Few seconds later he came back n ask 'r u from malaysia?' I said yes and he smiled and walked away again, and I was laughing hahahaha kelakarnya lecturer niiii XD

Alhamdulillah, wlupon tergolek2 dgn exam, Allah tau je how to make me so happy dgn sgt cepat! :) Tankiu2 Allah! I'm very2 happyyyy right now wlupon terkantoi2 dgn exam hihi XD Alhamdulillah :) <3<3

Till next time! :)

*Yes, Sam brought his dog into the LECTURE and lectured while leaving the dog in the room hahahahaha XD*

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice Tree

Assalamualaikum :)

After facing much difficulty in walking home from Willard after a horrible exam and nyaris2 tergolek2 di tepi jln raya, I looked forward to the next morning to look for the 'ice' trees :)

And I found them! And they were absolutely beautiful! :) *terkantoi tgh tgk pokok smbil jalan dgn kwn. ishhh XD*

It's just too bad that the ice trees 'melted' during the afternoon. But 'rain' was literally pouring from those trees. Subhanallah :)

*Enjoy the pics!* :)