Saturday, March 3, 2012

MCN 2012 :)

Assalamualaikum! :)

So we are already half way through our Spring semester! Oh God how time fliesss :) Soon we will be graduating and working in like just a few months time. Have started job hunting just recently too! :)

Well putting the graduation days aside, my friends and I Alhamdulillah managed to host Malaysian Cultural Night 2012!!! :D :D

I might be one of the most excited people to join this event because it was certainly devastating that we didn't have one last year! Alhamdulillah, the MCN 2012 crew this year is the BEST AND MOST COMMITTED crew I have ever seenn!!! :') *terharu2 sob3*

*MCN 2012 crew+Malaysians! XD*

Our night was held on a Saturday, February 18th :) Alhamdulillah we managed to have the room from 12pm; so managed to do rehearsals, set up our booths and decorate the tables and halls (plenty of time to spare! :D)

Our booth this year were very very interactive too!! :D Our strategy was to open the booth before and after the 'official' event started (the meal and the performances); so the booths were closed during the performances and meal time. This gave those who were involved in serving the food or performances (or both) time to actually take care of the booths and perform in their other tasks :P tricky yes, but we managed to pull it off Alhamdulillah! :)
*despite having some audience REFUSING to leave the booths when we said the booths are closed :P even after the whole night was over!*

*Chinese Booth! :)*
-taught audience how to write their name in Chinese Caligraphy!

*Photo Booth*
-description says all :P

*Indian Booth!*

-aaahhhh I like the rice art!!!! XD Make your own peacock rice art! :)

*Caricature Booth! :D*

-Me and Izmer initially planned to work on the same 'postcards' for each guest; I will draw the head n then Izmer will draw the body. But somehow we became to busy with so many guests that we had to do our work individually XD But I know the guests loved it Alhamdulillah!! :) :)

*Mua yg gedik haha :P*

*this girl came twice! XD*
*an example of our 'postcards', credits to pemilik gamba ni :P*

*Poster for MCN 2012! :D*

-I accidentally drew all girls in the poster, and got labeled as a 'sexist' :P NOOOoooo I didn't do it on purposeee!! XD

Our MCN this time also included tickets to purchase; $10 for PSU students and $15 for alumni and non-students! Alhamdulillah the tickets were sold out!!!! :D :D

*The elegant and beautiful decorations!! LOVE LOVE :D*

So this time around I performed Lion Dance and also the Shadow Puppet show aka Wayang Kulit! :)
During the wayang kulit performance we did get a few laughs (which is a good thing! XD) and if only they knew how chaotic we were behind there!! XD love love love wayang kulit crew!! miss our time practicing n kantoi2 together :) ; Raihan, Fiqah, Izzah, Izmer! :) n also the two guys who helped us hold the cloth XD

*LOVE THIS SHOT! thank you photographer(s)! :D*

Lion Dance was also a hit Alhamdulillah!! :D We did have some small improvisations on the instruments movements (so that we are no longer like kayu2 in the back :P) and do watch the video until the end as one of our Lions accidentally got 'left behind' :P

Here are the video links to all the performance of the night! :)

Chinese Fan and Wushu dance! :) definitely awesomee!! :)

Fashion Show! wohooo XD with a very special twist!! :D

Malay Contemporary Dance + Wayang Kulit! :)

Indian Dance! :) wohoooo

Lion Dance! :)

All in all, thank you very much to everyone who was involved in Malaysian Cultural Night 2012!! All our hard work paid off Alhamdulillah, and I am very happy and blessed that my last semester at Pennstate is filled with this MCN for me to remember :) :)

*Best performance award: Lion Dance! :D*
But All the performances were AWESOMEEE!!! :D

I will miss all of you dearly, till we meet again next time!

We are... Pennstate! :)