Sunday, July 1, 2012

Original Tribute Video :)

Assalamualaikum! :)

So sometime around at the end of last year, I suddenly realized that we were going to graduate soon and I wanted to do something for everyone to be able to cherish and remember their good times here in the States when they get back home :)

Thenn I decided to write a song about Pennstate and perhaps our memories we have had during the time we were in States. Took a while for me to write the lyrics down. Took a longer time for me to come up with the melody. Took a MUCH MUCH longer time to actually record the voices, instruments and corrections here n there to finally get the FINAL version of the song T_T but Alhamdulillah after lots of hard work and help from friends (limited # of friends were involved, because I wanted this video to be a surprise for my friends :D) the video was finally completed!!! :D

 *Please read video description at the youtube page for more details XD*

Well all in all I did try my best to include everyone but it was difficult to do so as this video is indeed supposed to be a surprise XD Sorry2 guyss!!!

Special thanks to Izmer who helped A LOT to compile and edit the videos!! :D (sorry2 sbb kena meet up with my 'fasi' taste ahahaha XD) also to all the 'accidental' and 'intentional' actors weeeee u guys are the besttt!! XD Also thanks to Kian Hui for 'reviewing' the song earlier on because I really wanted him to play his flute (he's really good! :D) for the instrumental part, but alas the song had sharps and flats which was not possible for him to do :(

Also special thanks to my dear instruments: my digital keyboard, 'telur' (bunyik kachik kachik), guitar and my WATER BOTTLE bahahahaha (for the 'drum' aka percussion part :P)

Missing Pennstate(r's) already. Hope we meet again someday, insya-Allah :')

Lots of love,
- Iliani :) <3 XOXO