Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Goodbye February, Hello March

Assalamualaikum wbt :)

Yessss a zillion things had happened since my last post haha XD Well to keep it short and sweet (if that is even possible bahaha) I have finally started teaching at my school: SMK Kamunting!! :D

Overall it is a hugggeee school, and the scenery around it is SubhanAllah! :D Very very green and peaceful :) 
*During merentas Desa :D*

-So me n Farihah were in charge of Keselamatan so we followed the kids around with our car and stumbled upon this beautifullll roadddd *cries T_T*

*We made banners. Yes, I fed off Farihah's poster bahaha :P*

- My mentor is such a sweetheart and she has helped us A LOT! :) Thank you thank you Kak Umi! :) 

*DCA kicks in! :D*

So started teaching my FAVOURITE subject which is SEJARAH :P had many challenges as there were soooo much content to cover, but Alhamdulillah so far it is going alright :)

*collaboration to share notes! :)*

English is also not bad as well, but has less structure compared to Sejarah (which we follow the textbook 100%) so sometimes we have this like uuuhhh what should I do tomorrow?? But for the KIDS! I TRY MY BEST INSYA-ALLAH!! :D

*Plate activity! Write Adjectives on your friend's plate which is stuck behind him or her :D*

I then asked the kids to take the plates off and see what your friends have written on your plate;
one of my kids had "Cikgu ade orang tulis MABOK cikgu!" hahahahaha ohh you kidssss XD

Have I told you that I am EXTREMELY grateful for my super-awesome FRIEND and collab?? :D We definitely celebrate small successes, share stress+achievements, and also celebrate with FOOD at least on thursday and Friday, oh yes and also our small 'adventures' sometimes hahaha :P

*Yes, we have DOMINOS :P*

*tadaaa with my ex-roommate! :D*

So yeaahh PGDE classes has begun as well. Quite tiring because it takes up your Saturday, and the downside of being a part-time student you have to do assignments (a BUNDLE of them!) over the week before the deadline, when you still have stuff to do with your kids and school! 

 *Wonders how do the teachers with families actually manages their time so well! :D*

*Did I mention that she is AWESOME? Yes she IS! :D*

I also had Super Saturday which was held in Uplands High School in Penang; FIRST TIME IN PENANG ISLAND WOHOOO!! XD

So I went their with dear papa as of course tamo bagi anak dara pegi sorang2 haha :P Alhamdulillah for the opportunities! :))

*Just the night before I left for Penang, Racoon had her babies!! XD*

*mkn Jecko donut before take-off:because couldn't afford soon enough T_T*

*View from Vistana Hotel! Niceee Family Room! :D*

*Awesome Nasi Kandar right behind the hotel! :D*

*First time at KOMTAR! :D*

So it was a few years back (or maybe longer?) that papa actually went to Komtar as it was.. NOTE: WAS :P a shopping complex before so he brought me there. Unfortunately it was already one of those old complexes which are about to be extinct due to new shopping malls around the area; the latest and most popular one seems to be the one in Queen's Bay XD But we did manage to buy some very nice t shirts and cardigan! (well for me at least :P)

*Henry Gurney area :) Rojaakkk*

*Tadaaa XD it was drizzling a bit, hence the umbrella lalala*

Before Super Saturday papa wanted to go to Henry Gurney, which was where the Uplands school was at; so basically killing two birds with one stone. But Alhamdulillah, we found out the the school had actually shifted to Batu Feringgi! So yeahh if not would have been 'sesat' on Super Saturday! XD

*Went to the beach in Batu Feringgi right after Super Saturday. SubhanAllah :')*

Yup yup so I ate dinner with papa by the beach and we managed to enjoy a Lion Dance performance as well! :D *brings back memoriess sob3*

*1st time crossing the Penang Bridge :')*

So far we have been having extra classes depending on our classes' needs, and my collab and I did our very first extra class together where the kids had loads of fun playing plenty of activities together! :)

*Participants who came on a holiday! :D*

*First group to complete 'making' a karipap! XD*

*working hard on Sejarah Qs; who wants to be a Millionaire?? :D*

*playing charades :)*

Well of course there are like soooo many more stories, but I guess this is enough so far XD March exams are coming up! Will be praying for my kids to do their best!!! :))

Till next time! :)
*assalamualaikum :D*