Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sumpit Beracun

compared to Kesatria Baju Hitam, Lemak Cili Api, Teh Tarik.. Sumpit Beracun masuklah sungguh yg sewaktu dgnnya :P

Our very first MASAPSu games together in our respective groups was held few weeks back (tak igt tarikh due to bad memory) on a Saturday kot :P And it was a Treasure Hunt game! wohooo mmg bersemangat sungguh our group, lari mcm nak sparuh mati :P (okie maybe I was the only one who ran mcm nak sparo mati :P) among the challenges were:

-take a picture with the oink2 statue
-take a picture of a sentence on the floor in front of the theatre
-take group picture at BJC and Old Main, and at the Lion Shrine

*at Lion Shrine! :)*
-ajar orang putih ckp BM :P
-make cheer+pantun
-pakai baju2 dress up kot haha
-asingkan beans from rice and make a big circle out of the beans big enough for all of us to stand within the circle :P

*can u see the circle? XD*
-solve math problem and take the picture of busses with 2 diff names; white loop, blue loop, red link, green link etc etc

*gaya pegang sumpit :P*
When we got back to the HUB, we were 1st weeeeeeeeeeee!! :D but then they said they had to have all the pictures and videos n stuff then only we could declare our place as first :) so numbering/placement will not be concluded until further notice ecece.

Had pizza and ice cream later on the HUB lawn. New friends, new adventure has just begun! :)

Let's do our best again for the next MASAPSU event!! gooo Sumpitt Beracun!! :D

*after the game was over :)*

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raya 2010

How time flies and Raya has long left us during this busy time of the year during Fall semester :)


Though all of us were quite busy with our classes and exams, warga2 pennstate somehow managed to hold soooooooooooo many open houses!! :D Even the newcomers also held one!
This is the very first time that I have attended sooo many open houses held by my friends! Cayalah korang, sedap2 masakan korang semua! ;)

*At MASA's open house, Caroline came n joined us! *my physics friend over the summer ^^*

*ramaaiiii oranggg :D*
And as usual, we had our own takbir raya the night before the first day of syawal :) Who said being overseas will make us miss the takbir raya? We'll just have one of our own! ;p

*Sblom pegi takbir raya, semua pakai jubah weee XD*

This year's raya is also special as it was my first time performing the solat sunat raya! :) It was rather short n quick (haha) n I even thought that the imam made a mistake by doing his takbir again (padahal tu da masuk takbir #2 :P)
Great first time experience done in the park, with soooo many other muslims! :)

*After solat Raya! :)*

Right after solat raya, pergila kelas mcm biasa. Segan2 sbb pakai baju kebaya around campus hohoho XD baju tu da lame anyways, since form 5 ke form4 kot? hahaha still muat nasib baek :P

OHo n that evening, I went to meet my lecturer to ask a few questions about my research paper. When I was done and was about to leave, he commented that I had a nice 'dress' on. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa da la lecturer tu comelllllll hahahaha XD I thanked him and told him about that day being Eid and all, and he knew about it! :D He even wished me that I would have a great celebration awww :)

Mama also ade hantar her many2 cookies (which all of them I looovveee :D) tankiu2 mama!! Even though later on I terkena balik by having to wear the red baju kurung isk3 :P
*what goes around comes around. Hoyeaah!*

*mama's cookiess yg sedaaaappp22!!! XD*

Oh2 I also received a kad raya from dear dear Ayna!!! XD Tankiu2 soooooo much for your card ya!! It means sooo much to me :') I hope that my card reaches u soon! XD

*warga2 MARA hantar Raya wishes. awww cho cweeet :)*

Happy Belated Eid to everyone, and happy future Eid-ul Adha! :D

*menculik camera Boo ;P*

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Without the need to mention anything at all, she gave me a whole set of encouragement and advices which all hit the right mark, with all the right words, with all the right love, all through the phone =')

Don't underestimate a mother's instinct!!

Thank you mama! I love yiuuuu ='))