Thursday, October 3, 2013

Speech Time!

*On one of those days I lost my voice XD*
Assalamualaikum w.b.t. :)

So today I was teaching my kids how to write a speech. And for them to remember the format, I got them to do a short speech on any random things they want to share. Some of them shared about their ruler, pencil box, best friend and even wife! Hahaha XD It was definitely hilarious when some random things happen today and yesterday:

- One boy was talking about his friend's ruler and was holding the ruler. Because he was sort of nervous, he actually broke his friend's ruler in two! XD
- One boy looked out the window to get inspiration during his speech! It was like an awkward 10 seconds stare outside of class
- A lot of girls talked about their best friends
- One boy talked about whiteboard; said I was LAZY  because I had a mahjong paper up. I WROTE on the mahjong paper laahhh XD
- One shyyy boy spoke in fair sentences but was smiling a lot. I like you! :D
- One girl who rarely speaks in class actually talked about her friends; even pointed out her friends who laughed very LOUDLY in class hahaha :P

*this class; photo was during sandwich day :P*

*my other English class: sandwich day too :P*

And theenn we actually had extra time in class once everyone finished their speech. So I asked them what they wanted me to talk about. And yesss this dear class of mine said without hesitation FIANCE FIANCE!!
*the mother of 12 :P*
Little did they know about my update, I decided to share my story with them :)

*of course I told them okay, but this is a secret! XD*

I shared a short-version on how I got engaged, who he was and how it ended. While I was sharing my story, one girl had to go to the restroom and her friends were like 'You go awayyy quicklyy teacherr sambung teacherr' hahaha XD Yes, my roudy little kids were giving 100000% attention to my story XD

After I ended my story with advices to my dear little kids, to my surprise they were so very supportive! Some of the words of encouragement they gave were;

- Teacher, be strong!
- Teacher, I'm sorry... *me: err it's not your fault hahaha XD*
- Teacher, are you okay?
- Don't worry teacher! A lot of.. other people!
- Teacher, don't worry! I HAVE A BROTHER!
my reply: I DOWAN YOUR BROTHER hahahahaa XD

both boys and girls actually said really nice things to support me, even though I told them that I was okay and that I was the one who ended it as I know it was the best for both of us.

*and believe it or not, two BOYS noticed that I changed my ring and no longer wore the golden ring. BOYS I TELL YOU*

- the girls were basically ASTONISHED when I told them the ring I was wearing was RM21 (or RM29.. I can't remember. Bad memory kicks in) They said 'TEACHER BUT IT LOOKS SO EXPENSIVE!' hahaha oh kidss XD

To add to my surprise, one girl who is quite close to me and my collab actually came to me after her English extra class and said to me "Teacher, I have something to ask you..."

*during their extra class: shy shy cat*
And after overcoming her shyness (kononnya haha) she said teacher, is it true? Anddd apparently she was SUPER worried and felt sorry for me, and said I looked like I wanted to cry when I told them my story in class. *I am HONESTLY okay, I wonder how I actually looked like when I was telling the story XD*

I told her that I am completely okaayy and yes it is true haha XD Even after talking to her and assuring her I am okay, she decided to talk to my collab to 'take care of Miss Iliani' hahaha XD

According to Farihah, it was as though 'the world has ended' from the way she was telling Farihah that I am definitely not okay and she really is worried about me (she felt sad too) and asked my collab to jaga me basically. Said Miss Iliani tipu jer tu dia ckp dia okay XD

Hahahaa ohh dear kids, your support and innocent love really touches me :) Thank you so much!

** Of course nobody would want things to go badly, but when things happen you deal with it. If you fall, you pick yourself up from the ground and move on. And I truly believe there is always, ALWAYS a blessing in disguise :)

*really, how can you not love these kids? XD*

Alhamdulillah, He is always with me in my ups and downs :) Thank you oh Allah. Thank you for my wonderful kids as well :)

'Till next time! Assalamualaikum :)