Sunday, November 22, 2009

Raya Call

Leaving Ractar with all the memories and experience was sure an eye-opening one, and I will never forget them despite of my forgetfulness =)

One of the girls gave me her handphone number to give her call perhaps during Raya, when she is back home and has access to her handphone XD

Soon Raya came, but alas, I had to celebrate it with 4 exams that very week hohoho XD Due to my exams, I had to postpone the call till after my exams.

When I finally made the call, I wasn't sure who picked up the phone. It might be her mother, aunt or sister. That person said that Nurul had already returned to ractar as the holidays are already over. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! XD

Oh how I felt guilty of not being able to talk to her, what more imagine what might she must have felt because I did not contact her over Raya, which I told her that I would do, insya-Allah.

However, hope prevailed once again with this upcoming Raya Korban. I contacted Encik Dzul, the head of Ractar and read their blog that the girls had returned home for a week due to the Raya Korban.

I quickly planned to call Nurul once again as soon as possible! XD
Which I just did last night!

N Alhamdulillah, it was Nurul who picked up the phone this time!
I asked her; kenal tak sape ni? XD
N to my surprise, she said "Kak Iliani eh?"

waaaahhh sgt terer dia! She said she recognized my voice~ Oh my, I somehow feel like when you hear a person's voice up front and through the phone, u sometimes could not recognize his/her voice as it is not exactly the same!
I guess I'm the only one with the really2 bad memory here XD

We then talked for a bit~ She said that ingatkan akak da lupa daa~ Oh tidak!!! XD I did not forget no no no!! I did remember to call her so many times before that Raya, but things that happened are all in His hands =)

I told her that I saw the pictures on Ractar's blog where they danced and performed at an event. They were all dressed up and had make up on. They were all so pretty!! =D

To my surprise, I felt something when I looked at those pictures. I did not realize that I missed them all so deeply. Rasa nak nangis a bit when I looked over the pictures, and I recognized each and every one of their faces~ Eh eh tu Nadia!! Tu Halimah, Wahida~ and so on =)

Could this feeling be.... A motherly feeling??
*gelak golek2*
Okie sgt prasan!! XD sorry2, but it just might be just that, aite? =)

And so the conversation with Nurul ended. Though a little short, but I was happy =) and at the end at the conversation when we bidded goodbye, she said sumting that I did not expect.

bye2 akak.. Luv U!

I simply said luv u too =)