Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter Begins

Assalamualaikum! :)

Today, Allah made me very2 happy with His pleasant little surprise ^^
I have been wanting to get this handbag, but the first time I saw it in the store it was too expensive as it was just the newest design at that moment. I decided to wait until the price decreases once a new line of handbags comes along.

Before I know it, I waited TOO long, and the handbag was no longer in stores or even online :( But a few weeks after I bought a new handbag, I saw the handbag that I wished for available ONLINE with a sale!! I was pondering hard on whether I should get it or not because I have indeed just bought another handbag which was also to my liking.

I then remembered that I could return the handbag that I have bought, so *click* I bought the handbag online yayyyy! XD

And yes, I have returned the old handbag and managed to a full refund! Alhamdulillah :)
But alas, the new bag that I have bought would take about 3-5 business days to arrive, which might be on Monday or Tuesday; I will be leaving to Vegas on Tuesday. I didn't fret much because I knew I had finally managed to buy the handbag I've been eyeing on and that is already more than enough :)

So without much expectation, I suddenly received a box today; and it was my handbaaggg waaahhhhhh :D :D Alhamdulillah, it arrived much more earlierr and I am thrilled to be able to use it for my trip!! :) :)

*here's the bag! tadaaaa :'D*

So I returned the old handbag when me and Kak Ada (my housemate+senior ^^) went to get Ecah from DC as her graduations is today and she'll be returning to Malaysia very2 soon! Congratulationss Ecahhh! :D We managed to drop by an outlet in Hagerstown and got last minute stuff for my brother and stuff that my friend asked to get :P and etc2~

I managed to shop in 1.5 hours and got:
- 2 shirts for my bro
- 3 handbags for friends
- 1 watch + 1 wallet for friend
- returned 2 handbags

and yes, I think that is a big achievement since I was RUNNING to get everything before the stores close at 9pm! XD

oh and btw, Ecah's house in DC was sooooo prettyyyy!! LOved the design and coziness it gives! :)

*see? I told uuuu! XD*

I also managed to spend a little bit of time with Chelsea and had a Gilmore Girls marathon haha XD Received a sweet card from her+her housemates! :) happy holidays Chelsea! :D

*the card! ^^*

Till next time! :)

Thank you again Allah! You really know how to make me happy heeee ^v^ *surprises are one of my favs!*

Alhamdulillah :) :) <3

Monday, December 12, 2011


Assalamualaikum :)
I am FINALLY able to catch up on myself (errr on my tidiness maybeee haha) and clean my room n table, change my bed sheets and sort out my notes XD I have been sleeping with so many papers and books on my bed haha XD So more pictures! :)

N oh2 I went to Sakura for the first time today! N the food were deliciousss! :D :D

EnjoY! ;)
*today's menu: nasi hujan panas+ayam goreng+telur goreng ^^ yess I masak okaayy wlupon berasap umah :P*

*Shrimp teriyaki at Sakura!*

*Fried Cheesecake? OMG DELICIOUSS*

*Butterfly Roll at Sakuras. SUPERLY AWESOME makes u fly after each bite haha XD*

*How I try to tidy up my notes of this semester. gaahhh*

*Time to transfer stuffs into new handbag to travel! ^^*

*finally able to change my bed sheets haha :P*

*after :D*

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Goodbye Autumn In My Heart

*Part of MSC's LionDance Crew! :)

Assalamualaikum everyone!! :) long time no write eh? XD

sorry2 for the very late update! I have indeed been very very busy this Fall semester :)
Alhamdulillah, I am officially done with the first semester of my senior year :)

SOOOOSOSOSOOO many things happened in this semester alone!! XD And I'll be relying heavily on the pictures that I have collected over the semester to recall what I have been doing this Fall. So enjoy! :)
*NOTE: events reported are NOT in chronological order! XD*

-enjoyed last raya with dear friends! biggest buffet yet I think :)
*Last Raya with Pennstaters '12 :)*
*with dear housemates :)*
*dpt main bunga apiiii XD*
*not forgetting friend's open house :D*

*Solat Raya Korban :)*
- Bought a new phone: Xperia Ray! :)
it's an unlock phone I got from eBay for around $350 :) at first I wanted to get the Xperia Mini with the Qwerty keyboard, which was about $200+ with 5Mp camera. Then when the iPhone 4S came out, I realized that I really like to take a lot of pictures using my handphone. Then I suddenly came across a GOLD xperia ray with an 8Mp camera instead. *click* terus beli haha :D n is loving it up till today! :)

*My new phone! :)*

- First time experience calling 911 for real :D because our neighbor had smoke coming out of their house and our house was also filled with smoke :s thankfully no one was hurt and the firefighters came really quickly! I'm impressed :) but also kinda funny when during the emergency call they asked for my name and I said WAN :P (imagine me saying my full name haha)

*gogogo firefighters! :D*

-Met up with one of my art classes classmate like 2 or 3 years ago?? :D we lost contact and accidentally met each other during an inter-faith conference :) her first words were: "I was just talking about youuu: There's this Malaysian girl who can draw oh so beautifully, and boy can she dance! (referring to Malaysian Night)" hahaha malu2 XD So glad I could meet up with you again Lynn!! :) Such a sweet lady :)

*Me, Lynn n her daughter's friend :)*

-received an unexpected gift from my high school friend who's studying in Russia :) THANK YOU SO MUCH NIMELESHHH!!!! :D :D

*Shark wannabe :P*

- have a new 'group' for any MSC Games! But our theme color is still red! ;) Had LOADS OF FUN for the games before Thanksgiving! :)
*Red Hot Chili Pepper/Padi! :D*

- Got a new laptop: MacBook Pro 13"! :) there was a Thanksgiving promotion on campus: $200 off! So couldn't pass it up can I? N I have been looking for a new laptop for quite some time; much lighter ones and doesn't get too hot too fast. So far it has been great!! :) Battery lasts for quite some time, and I have thoroughly personalized my laptop weeeee XD

*yes gold keypads XD*

*AWESOME dolphin sticker muahahaha :P*

- Was blessed to be able to attend Change Begins with Choice :)
Met new friends, and was able to get so much encouragement by Kamran Pasha, that I could indeed realize my dream :) Insya-Allah, 10 years time! :) And the reason why I was so open during this program of exposing my strength, weakness, and especially my ultimate dream (I knew I was pouring my heart out! XD) even though there were quite a few people who attended who I was not 100% familiar with, was because I knew that was the only time I could be transparent without much judgement. And I knew that that was my only chance to get a REAL feedback of myself, and what I will do with my life. This chance may not come along again for a very, very long time. And Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for giving me that strength :')

*Change Begins with Choice :')*

- well, hurt myself again in the kitchen :P this time with a can; the lid of the can was lifted up and I was jabbing the ghee oil with a spoon because it was hard (right out of the refrigerator) and *CAK* wohooo :D *WARNING! REALLY EXPLICIT PICTURES :P*

*tadaaaa :D*

*it's closed up already, Alhamdulillah :)*

- had our very first Thanksgiving dinner that we made on our own (I only helped just a little :P)
managed to get halal turkey! :D and I went to Philly Premium Outlet, Crossings Outlet and Nittany mall for Thanksgiving this year (yessss shop till u drop!)

*otw to Phillyy! :D*

*Subuh in Philly :) Then dropped n slept in the car for like 2 hours :P*

*tadaaaa Thanksgiving dinner! :D*

*Things I got for myself ^^*

*Correlle for my future home, insya-Allah :)*

Some might say that I had fun shopping for so many cheap2 Corelle, but the truth is, I think this lot is a serious statement I'm making that I will one day, insya-Allah, be able to stand on my own two feet, have my own home and be independent. :) Insya-Allah, Allah knows what's best for me :)

-had a rather busy thanksgiving, with 4 upcoming exams and 3 papers to write, with 2 presentations! XD

*while practicing my speech for 416, I had a visitor XD*

- Joined the LionDance team of MSC! :D
We practiced almost every weekend, and Mei San is such a great teacher that she taught us almost EVERYTHING! :D Well for me except on how to be the lion because the head is soosooo heavyyy T.T But so far I had the privelege to perform using the cymbals :)

*First performance was an audition for THON, and we got through Alhamdulillah! :D*

*2nd was for UNICEF: Universal Language Event! :)*

*3rd performance: International Awareness Week! :)*

- Did the poster for 421W with my partner Izmer, and we unexpectedly won the best poster! :D Alhamdulillah, it was a complete surprise! Worth the extra effort we put into it! ^^

*tadaaa :D*
* Dr.Sillman and us! :) I will miss ur sarcasm XD*

- Finally got myself a jewelry box!
Always wanted to get one, but either didn't have the time or what I saw was not of what I wanted because I had a lot of RINGS and chunky crystal bracelets :) Found this through Amazon and was at around $90, where I accidentally clicked on a link and found it at around $49. *Click* arrrgghhh aftermathh of black friday! HORRIBLE ONLINE SALE :P but Alhamdulillah, the box is so finely made, with wood like the piano wood and when you open the lid, the drawers open as well! :D (ptotla mahal skit haha XD)

*tadaaaa :) I like!*

- Took part in THONvelopes, where we decorate envelopes that will be sent to friends who are kind hearted to give donations for kids with cancer :) Thank you very much to these four very special individuals who are willing to give donations!! :D

*Envelopes for: Sritaran, Shasha, Firdaus kanak2 manja, and Gee :) <3*

- First time eating at Babys which is behind McLanahans! not bad, with actually smaller portions than usual ;p

*oreo milkshake! :)*

*sweet potato chips! manis2 :D*

Well I guess that's it with stuffs with pictures! :D

Other events that I had without pictures were that I had the chance to present in my Family Disorganization class (sociology class) on the marriage and divorce rules on Islam, which most of my peers are not well informed of! ^^ Other than the technical difficulties, my oh so kind lecturer said it was a good presentation :') *shiny eyes*

I also had the chance to sort of do speed drawing in front of 500+ people? XD
There's another sociology class that I'm taking which had 'commercial breaks' during the class; instead of just having 5 minutes break, Sam (my awesome lecturer!) let students do performances during that 5 minutes :)

So I inquired whether I could do one commercial break, and Sam wanted me to draw while he is lecturing instead; he said it was for me to have more time to draw on the projector. Well I just agreed with his idea but I had no idea when he wanted me to do this.
So a few weeks later just before class started, he came up to me and asked whether I could draw for the last 20 minutes of classes; he was to talk about politics and tea party (OKIE POLITICS YALL :P)

There I was sitting in front of the class when he introduced me to the class (which I did not think it was necessaryyy aaahhh malu2 XD) and I started to draw while he continued his lecture. He asked the class "Can you concentrate on what I'm saying while she draws?... *short pause* No you can't." and the TA Erik switched the projector off and only turned it on when I finished my drawings hahahah XD *I knew it was a bad idea to just leave the screen on while he lectures*

Soon Erik was helping me a lot on giving me ideas on what to draw (Because u really can't get a lot of idea from POLITICS :P) and when I finished a drawing, Sam was like "I like that. Draw another one!" XD

Alhamdulillah, I think I did my best but mcm terkantoi2 jgak sbb I REALLY HAD NO IDEA WAT TO DRAW until Erik gave me ideas XD Thanks Erik! :)

N yes, ade org later on came up to me and said u were awesommeee aaahhh maluu2 XD Alhamdulillah, this actually do give me more inspiration to be better, insya-Allah! :D

Well I think then this is really IT! :)

Officially done with Fall 2011, just a semester to go before graduation.
But before that, West Coast+Muktamar 2011, here I come! :)

Take care everyone, and have a good winter break! :)

Assalamualaikum :)