Thursday, December 27, 2012

Becoming a Teacher :)

*My dream classroom :)*
Assalamualaikum and hi everyone! :)

Merry Christmas (belated) to my dear friends who celebrate Christmas, and oh Happy New YEAR in just a few more days!! :D :D

Have been very busy lately; went to institute for 2 months at Selesa, moved into my new rented house Alhamdulillah and also started with orientation already! :)

So here are the bits and pieces of my journey for the past 2 months++ :) And yes, I'll try to keep it short for the sake of sanity! XD

*TFM Fellows 2013!* :D
So I came to Selesa Resort around two months ago to start my training aka Insititute :) Alhamdulillah even on the first day, I have already met soooo many brilliant minds with great personality and character!! :D it came up to the extent where we talked so much that we didn't have enough time to unpack! XD
My awesome n funny roommate: Lukreiza! :) apparently we are both engaged to our respective future-husbands hahaha hooray! XD

*The view from my balcony :) SubhanAllah! :)*

So the first week went well, where we had a Raya Korban holiday on Friday and I think 99% of the insititute went back home because it is a 3-day holiday XD And yes, because I didn't go home, I was bombarded with a zillion questions:WHYY? XD

I guess the only reason is actually that I ws really excited to start institute after my longgg n wonderful holiday, that I think it's a huge turn-off if I were to go back home just after a week XD so yess I didn't go back home throughout institute, but my parents did come to visit me every week :)

Thennn came the second week. Due to bad memory, I can't really recall everything in order so I'm just gonna write anything that I remember in RANDOM order! XD

There came alll these wonderful thingss:
- Started to learn all the jargons a TFM fellow/teacher should know. TIM TAL BMC CFU :p
- Staying up to do the best LP!
- Meeting awesome people everyday! :)
- IS group: Tarzans!!! with our super duper awesome momma: Sarah Lasung :)

*our makan2 session at the end of institute XD*
*During BBQ dinner :')*

- TEAM BUILDING activity in the 'forest' nearby our resort: walking distance :p
- Fear of heights is not an obstacle!! T_T
*Stretching iyahhh XD*

- tankiuu for the awesome supportt! :')
- sharing session with lots of tissues needed :P

*Candles to instill the mood XD*
- Awesome food at selesa
:Rice and mayo seems to be a nice combination XD
- Gain and lose weight I don't know how many times XD
-  Randomly went to Bentong and Genting Highlands! :D 
*Genting weee XD*

 *The view from the Parking Lot! :)*


*so many talented people in just a few steps! :D*

What happened was when my family came for a visit I just said 'can we go genting highlands?' XD and yesss we did goo hahaha XD
- The view/scene in Pahang is super nice!! SubhanAllah :)) am glad that I got my family to agree and go on random places haha XD
- really wanted to just get some fresh air and scenery for a while even though the air n scenery in selesa is already nice :p
 - We visited a prison school in Muar to meet kids who were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. I personally met kids who are so PROMISING and BRIGHT! :'( It's so sad to see them there, but I am sure they are more than ready to make a change in their own lives once their time is up over there. Insya-Allah! Will be praying for all of you :')

*After the visit, makan2 at Malacca! :D*

- 'kantoi'-ed about my ability to draw (which is still at an amature level, mind you) when there were activities involving drawing. yessss it really did sort of stood outtt T_T

*One of the drawings that day XD*
- We also did many 'giving of comments' to your friends where you paste a paper/paper plate behind your back, and go around writing comments to your other friend's papers! It's actually a good group activity where you give support and encouragement to other people :)

*tadaaa XD*
*The 3 'Wan's of Tarzans :P*

- start to be sleep deprived due to our work due
- work were based on our preparations for Kem SKORlah :)
*See our sleep deprived faces? :P*
So with the many many sessions, we were also preparing for Kem SKORlah: A school holiday camp which just lasts for a month, where we'll teach form 1,2 or 4 kids Maths and English :)

We were either placed in Ketari or Karak, and a bunch of my friends and I got Karak :) I am very grateful to get such opportunity! :)

So in the midst of preparing for Kem SKORlah, we finally got our placement schools! :D Alhamdulillah I got a school in perak! :) initially we were prepared to go to Penang, but then had to spread ourselves to other states which included Kedah and Perak XD

To our surprise, my housemate Farihah and I are gonna be collabs in our school in Kamunting! :D and to think that we even had a conversation a few days before like I'm nervous to know who my collab is! XD
*My collab for the next 2 years yay!! :D*

and yes world, Farihah has the most SUPER AWESOME AND NEAT handwriting!! XD n yup she is definitely an awesome person herself XD

oh yeahh and because of that, me n Farihah had 'tasks' to decorate our IS room as requested by Sarah where I did caricatures of my IS members and Farihah wrote their names down XD

*Tadaaaa XD*
okayy back to the story (or list of events?) so I was assigned to a form 2 class in Karak with my collab Cheen Yee! :) We had a sea-themed rewards and Consequence system so our class name was 2 Caribbean! :)

We had a week with 2-days holiday: and they WEREN'T holidays at all XD We used one of those days to make the posters for our class and boyy did it take quite some time! I'm glad that my handwriting is not approve-able to a certain extent XD

The Friday before Kem SKORlah came along and it was the day we went to set up the classroom for our kids to come. To my surprise, we had open windows and doors! XD and yes, the hole in the back of our class was used effectively XD 

 Some of our posters :D :

Our classroom: Pre-Kem+during SKORlah! :D

*Guess what Maths formula this is? XD*

*Ambitions+Hopes wall :)*

Practicing was also part of the day. It was definitely hard for me as I have yet to fully know the content of what I will be talking about on the first day of kem SKORlah, so yes I screwed up a lot :p Alhamdulillah I had Sarah and Cheen Yee to guide me hehe :D

So kem SKORlah started and boy how time flies! I could still remember the first day where I was doing my best and trying to be FIRM and not friendly :p and after some time we got used to the kids and vice versa: henceee they started calling my collab angry bird and I am apparently Doraemon T_T

And alsoo that one or two times I got angry at one of my kids XD well not really angry the class still continued on as usual after I gave my piece of advice XD 

Other stuff that happened during Kem SKORlah:
- During perhimpunan once we the form 2 teachers were in charged of handling it. So we did gangnam yeaayyyy and I did it in my jubah huahuahua T_T Technical problems left us dancing without music. But it was still okay I guess hahaha XD

*One of the many awesome Friday perhimpunans! :D*

- start teaching with a LOT to learn during the journey itself :)

*Me n my kids! XD*

- Received random gifts from the kids as time passed by :)

*Given by one of our kids who SKIPPED school that day, but while skipping he remembered his teachers and bought us these keychains haha :P*

*At the end of Kem SKORlah, they said TEACHER DON'T GO TO THE BACK OF THE CLASSROOM and started writing a huge card for us both XD*

* I will miss all of youuuuu :'))*

*2 Caribbean! :D*

*One of my kids became one of the MCs for the closing ceremony! SO PROUD OF YOU! :))*

*Given to me by my 'momma' Sarah at the end of Kem SKORlah :')*

Kem SKORlah ended with the Family Day where our kids will perform/show their work that they have produced throughout the one month. It was definitely a fun day and I will and already am missing my dear kids :')) Please take care of yourselves ya my lovess!!

We also had 'closing' events at institute itself likeee: 
- Performed LAST MINUTE (like plan only 5 minutes before I perform??) Speed drawing during Talent Night of TFM institute! :P 

*Credits to my friend+collab for the video! XD

- Performed a MODIFIED version of We R Young with the Tarzans! XD

*us before performing XD*

So there goes the institute and Kem SKORlah. Then I went back home, DID NOT DO ANYTHING :P And I literally did not unpack because I knew I was going to Perak the week after. So Alhamdulillah, here I am at our new rented house safe and sound :) 
(which my family came over and HELPED a lot to clean the house and all. Alhamdulillah I also have a good transport to go to school as well :D)

Started orientation already, have to start lesson planning very very soon! :) Insya-Allah. Oh Allah, please do guide us all in the path that You love and bless :')

Thank you so much for everything :')

*Last family outing :P*

Oh2 and happy BELATED birthday to my dearest sistaahh!! :D :D Sorry that I didn't get anything for you; super duper busy over the last few days :( Will try to work something out ya! :) Me love you very very muchhhhhh!!! :) Will always be praying for you :') 

Had quite a lot to bring over to Perak, because I somehow feel like this is it. I won't go back home in SJ for a long period of time anymore after this. Insya-Allah of course I will go back to visit, but no longer like before. Guess I really am an adult after all :) (but never maybe in my parent's eyessss XD)

I love all of you very very much :') 

Happy new year and will always pray for all of you my dear family and friendss (ESPECIALLY Ayna and Nina and that one particular guy :P) :))

Lots of love,
Iliani :')

Friday, October 19, 2012

A 'Promise'

Initially, we agreed that we wouldn't want to tell our friends as we know that it is not that recommended (aka tak brape elok lahh XD) to spread news of something that is not the same as marriage/nikah: engagement is merely a 'promise' between both sides that they would like to get married, and it does not in any way make anything between me and him HALAL.

We still have boundaries that Allah has set for us, and we seek His blessings First before the rest, insya-Allah :')

But if it was a marriage ceremony and that we had a date fixed already, we would definitely be more than happy to tell all our loved ones of this happy occasion ASAP! :)

We decided to announce our engagement after really discussing thoroughly about it, and if we should or should not do it. (the engagement was very very informal, and it happened in the most simplistic way possible! Which was what I really wanted, Alhamdulillah :D) - you could also say that it came as a surprise? hihihi whatever it is I hope that everything else will be under His guidance and blessings, insya-Allah! :')

In the end, we knew (insya-Allah) that there are more pros than cons if we were to announce it to our friends, compared to not announcing it (which had more cons than pros) hence our announcement/declaration :)
Insya-Allah, niat kita is really because of this. Not because we want to menunjuk2 or show off to anyone ya? Minta maaf in advance kalau ada yang tersinggung atau terasa, we really have no intention in doing so :(

We plan to work at least a year or two before settling down. Insya-Allah, we can plan all we want, but ultimately He decides what is for us in the end :) He is the All-Knowing, the Merciful :)

PS: Thank you so very much for all the love, wishes and prayers we have received. I really didn't expect sooooo much love from so many people! :') Alhamdulillah. Thank you, all you lovely people out there! :))

Till next time: 2 days before TFM Institute begins! :)

Iliani :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.!! :D
Yesss we meet again *muahahahha* okay2 sorry2 for the hyper intro :P 

It's been a while since I have updated my blog and A LOT OF THINGS had happened since the last update XD All I can say is for everything that had happened in the last couple of weeks, Alhamdulillah :')

Among the many many stuff I did was:
-Lepak with old friends at Sunway Pyramid! :D

*Taran, Hanis n Me!*

(just so you know, Hanis was my tadika-mate, my primary AND secondary schoolmate! Waayyy backk in the days hahahah XD and Taran knows her. Such a small world! XD)
*Umar n Kamal; small Pennstaters reunion yay! XD*

So we just hung out, played a little bit of bowling and had lunch and tea. It's always nice to hang out with awesome people! :)) Tankiu guys!! XD

- Celebrated RAYA (FINALLY!!) in Subang this year, met up with friends and relatives :D

*Me, Nenek Enchem, Anakku and Hazwan!*
-at Nenek's open house XD 

- went to a few open house this year! :D tankiu friends and relatives for the invitations and GOOD FOOD! XD
*Pennstaters+Duit Raya at my house! :D*
 Tankiu2 so much guys for coming!!! Korang mmg memeriahkan my house a lot hihihi tankiu2!! :D

-Went to fulfill wedding invitations (relatives)

*Omah (my grandmother), Aida n me!! XD*

- Took graduation photos with my family since they couldn't come in May :) 

*Alhamdulillah :) Mama was so happy!*

- As I have already mentioned, spending more time with my family too :) Training is just a week away!!

*What was supposed to be Olivia; my sister is really a naughty girl :P*

-Eating a LOT, again :P :P but I enjoyed those times a lot!! XD Alhamdulillah :)

*At Bali! OMNOMNOM :P*

*Watched Hotel Transylvania!! AWESOME MOVIE! :D* and yes that's my HONeYDEW drinkkk :9
PS: Thank you for the wonderful times! Alhamdulillah :)

- Watched the kittens grow BIG BIG!
*Awwwww :)*

- Before the training, TFM gave us a few assignments to work on and one of it was to organize an event with a low-income community/just volunteer :) So I've decided to to revisit RACTAR and Alhamdulillah Encik Dzul was very supportive of me spending time with the girls! :)

So on the 30th of September 2012, I organized an event called 'Change Begins from Within' with about 38 girls! :D ranging from 5 years old to 17! :) So it was my first time actually spending a few hours with a lot of girls at one time! Alhamdulillah it went well :) There were a few challenges, but Alhamdulillah we managed to still pull it off! :D
*My comic photostated to be given as a gift for the girls! :)*
*Goody bags! Yes of course XD*

*Me and the girls at RACTAR! :D*

I managed to do some fun activities with them; Ice Breaking and personality tests. But then I also had the chance to talk to the girls about topics that I know are very relevant to the girls; education, about personal beauty, how to appreciate what we have, when to compare ourselves with others and when not to, about hijab and also to always have good thoughts about other people and Allah :) Alhamdulillah the girls were very cooperative and I do understand when some of them started to fall asleep during the more serious topics hahaha XD But I will definitely improve my teaching methods to not let them lose interest in the future, insya-Allah! :D

*A lot of positive feedbacks!! Alhamdulillah :')*

At the end of it all I gave them a short survey for them to give any feedbacks about the program; I do want to know what they think about it :) There were both positive and negative feedbacks, but I could say that Alhamdulillah most of it are positive feedbacks! :D Thank you so very much girlss :)
Some of them even asked me if I was coming back to see them. AAhhhh this is why I didn't want to get too attached to themm :'(

*I did met with a few girls who already know me; they are all in form 5 and BOY have they grown!! I miss them so muchh :')*

Thank you so much to Encik Dzul for the opportunity, and thank you lovely girls of RACTAR for willing to be my first ever 'students' :)) Thank you to my wonderful assistant of the day too! Without you handling the cute little young girls I would have had a bigger challenge conducting my sessions XD 

So less than a week left to TFM institute days!! Looking forward to it, I will do my best insya-Allah! :)

Lots of love,
Iliani <3 br="br">