Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Break 2010

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.! =)

How time flies! Winter Break is over, and tomorrow is the beginning of the new semester, my last semester as a Junior. Gonna be a senior after summer. AAAAAAAAAAA!! XD

So here are some of the things I've done during the winter break:

-went to cabin beside Ohio river. Awesome view!

-Drove quite a number of hours. SKIDDING IS NOT FUNNY
-Ate A LOT in cabin, sedar diri in muktamar to mrajok with nasi again :p
-the cabin itself is beautiful! :)

-ISK sgt best! :D Knew some of the issues already, but it surely gave an extra 'push' :)
-Main point gained that is very relevant to today: We should not blame the Ustaz and Ustazah in Malaysia for being very 'To the book' n not being more 'understanding' of the true Islam where Islam is actually very tolerant and has lots of benefits to all the rules that it has. This is because back then, these Ustaz and Ustazah were the ones who were trying to protect our religion from even ever existing and being maintained in our society when the colonizers from British, Japan, etc etc came to Malaysia.
-Hence now, it is our turn to teach the society of the 'true Islam', and the understanding behind it now that there are no colonizers to obstruct us! :)
-Finally found a little bit of service in the car, and at the dining room at a certain corner. Din care when the guys came, was determined to finish talking to family muahahaha
-Went to muktamar in St. Louis at Sheraton hotel
-Nice view once again!
-Tolong jaga budak2
-Not as tiring as wat most people would say, maybe because ade mbak2 conducting the main sessions and we were just helping out
-LOved to see the children make crafts and learn about Allah and Muhammad SAW. Subhanallah! :)

-Nak do such crafts with my own children nnt! :)
-good way to pupuk rasa Cinta pd Allah n Muhammad SAW. kan? :)
-Felt like a mother. *prasan dush3*
-Ate A LOT again
-Nak call family, credit pulak abis DUSH3
-Managed to top up after much hassle
-LOVED Sheikh Omar and Imam Abdul Malik. Amazing talks! :D
-MIssed a few talks sbb jaga budak2, but ade DVD to catch up yay! :)
-Voluntarily jaga bazaar with friends. Chaotic then sbb unorganized :p
-Giving out the DVDs was also a challenge. But we did great! ;)
-saw someone and told mama, n she laughed n I laughed tergolek2
-Went to jalan2 after muktamar was over
-Gateway Arch, very nice view I suppose? :p

-St. Louis Uni very cantik! :)
-Balik terpaksa berpisah with ayoh :(
-Alhamdulillah, arrived safely at home :)
-tak abis2 lg pack barang to send to family. sila bersabar yek XD
-Temankn Husna n Kak Lin jalan2 pennstate
-first time go skating at Pennstate too! :D
-skalik je jatoh, alhamdulillah :p
-wanna go again! any takers? :)
-pls rujuk fb for more pictures. too many to upload here XD

Well, guess that's all! Happy 2011 to everyone! May this year be a more blessed year and that we achieve our goals and dreams, insya-Allah! :)
Till next time, take care and welcome back to school! :)

Assalamualaikum :)