Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Graduated :)

Assalamualaikum wbt! :)

So on the 5th of May 2012, my biotech friends and I graduated at the Bryce Jordan Center :) 

*lining up to enter! :D*

*before the ceremony starts! :)*

*more more friends! :D*

*Kian Hui was the student marshall, woot2 go Malaysians!! XD*

Well as you can see, to kill time I took lots n lots of pictures with my friends before the event starts :) Also managed to call my family! My mother cried over the phone when I asked her if she could hear the live band playing soothing music in the background haiyahhh XD And yeah, she said This is her mother's day gift :) Me love u mama!! love love papa Aida n abang tooo :')

The ceremony was short and sweet. Definitely was nervous going up the stage, but really felt overwhelmed when we finally changed our tassels from right to left: indicating that we have graduated :) the applause from the crowd were of family n friends, also from faculty members :) certainly felt oh wow, all of us really did it! Alhamdulillah :') :')

I was also blessed to receive so may flowers and cards, and also an edible arrangement right after the ceremony!!! :D Tankiu2 dear friends, your gifts and thoughts definitely meant a lot to me :')

*flower2 wee n customized cap hahahah* XD

*Biotech graduates+friends :D*

*actuarist graduates: everyone's an alumni now!! :D*

I also managed to go and give support to other friends!! :D aka actuarial science, IT, economics n engineering majors! :) Congratulations guysss!! :D All of us did it, Alhamdulillah :)

*Shamilah (star) graduation!! XD*

*Bryce Jordan Center :)*

Later that week Kak Ada treated us for dinner as our graduation gift :) she also managed to buy a cake to celebrate Tirah's birthday and also our graduation! XD Joining us are also other guys :)

*Congrats everyonee n happy bepday tirah!! :D*

wah2 I've just also went to the Midwest Games in Illinois! Will definitely be sharing about that very very soon insya-Allah! :)

Alhamdulillah, tankiu very much Allah for everything :) Without You, I wouldn't be where I am today :') Thank you family and friends for all the prayers and support :) <3 <3

Looking forward to go back Malaysia. insya-Allah :)

Assalamualaikum! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012


*Lion Dance Crew going wild! XD*

Assalamualaikum :)

Lots have happened since my last entry for this blog :) So here's the summary not in chronological order due to bad memory XD:

-Grad dinner :)
This year's theme was Masquerade! XD so bought my mask on eBay, and the dress while I was at an outlet in Minnesota XD Our dear juniors and adik2 threw a really good event for us huuuu sob3 terharuuuu T^T

*Auni n meee :)

*with Best Dressed Female! XD*

*Mereka2 :)*

*Na'ilah n me! :D*

*Same tinggi with Umar bahahahaha :P*

*lelaki2 macho XD*

*Juniors+seniors! XD*

- There were also a lot of performances from our juniors as well! There were lots of dancing, singing too! XD But some of the dances were very sexy, and so sesetengah jejaka2 yg malu menundukkan pandangan dgn segannya, even I was a little bit segan too XD

*Muru n muaaa :)*

*Me n best-dressed male! Kian Huiiii XD*

*me, Jamine n Chin Yi :)* <3

*me n Kak Ada!*

- Kak Ada is my housemate + last year's roommate! :D she told me n my other housemates who were graduating that she couldn't come to our graduation dinner, and we were all complaining XD but turns out that she DID came n made a surprise video and attendance which touched our hearts, and also other friends' hearts too haha XD tankiu2 Kak Adaa very2 muchhh :) 

*Kak Ada's n my mask XD*

*Boo n me, performing! XD*

-  My housemate, Boo, decided to perform during graduation dinner and we did! XD We sang a medley of songs while I play the piano. Mind u we only practiced together like the night before hahahahaha XD but I did try to find the chords and notes long before that la, thankfully it turned out okie haha XD Among the songs we did were: I'm coming Home, We Are Young, One Thousand Years, Belaian Jiwa and Penakut :)
- During our performance, some of our friends gave us flowers hahahaha XD

*seniors entrance 'ceremony'* XD
*My housemates and I <3*

*Para cikgu! XD (bakal ;p)* 

*Beautiful seniors :)* 

*Our gifts from the juniors; photo frames with our pictures! XD*

*Housemates+I with masks!*

*Nittany Inn :)* - venue of Grad dinner

*Me n Izzati! :D*

-Spring BBQ: sort of our last official MSC gathering/event! :) had loads of food n BBQ chicken!! Was a little bit late in bringing my dish, but since we were bringing foods at different times, the minute u put it on the table it disappears XD

*Karaoke circle :P*

-also looking up lyrics/chords on iPhone or smartphones!! XD

*Mereka2 yg disayangi :)* <3

*Trying to play the guitar haha XD*

*Me n amazing Baiiii XD*


Well these are the things I did before graduation! It's not much, but there are lots more to come about my graduation and post graduation! XD sorry2 for the HUGE delay, but will definitely try to write ASAP! :D I really had a great great time before, during and after my graduation!!! :) Tankiu2 everyone for making it such a memorable time for me :) Alhamdulillah :)

Next up: Graduation post! XD