Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunway Lagoon :)

*balloon perasmian :P*

Assalamualaikum! :)

Yessss we meet agaiinnn :D So last week, my new housemates and I went to the Family Day of Felda :) They sponsored the staff to have free entry at Sunway Lagoon, while if they would like to bring any relatives or children it would have to be under their own expenses :)

So yes, mine was under my own ‘expense’ :P

We were each given the hand ‘band’, and two food coupons :)

Anddd there we go, arriving at Sunway Lagoon as early as 8AM because there were a lot more events and games for that morning :)

Apparently some of my housemates got lost along the way because they have never been to Sunway Lagoon, or even Subang Jaya itself :P and they ended up making a few circles before finally being able to find the entrance to Sunway Pyramid, and finally Sunway Lagoon ;p

*on the way to the wet park! turun escalator :p*

So in the morning we had breakfast first; nasi lemak (already prepared for us in exchange for our coupon :D) I didn’t really eat any of it, because I had breakfast before heading to Sunway lagoon :) So the day started off with the opening ceremony, followed by a short performance from Sunway Lagoon crew I think haha n then games for children and adults :)

*makcik ni sgt sporting okie! XD*

Some of the games played were musical chair, tug-of-war and other fun games that requires lots of groupwork! :) To be honest, the fun part was watching the adults play games hahahahhak ;p

*kids playing musical chair+clown yg mengacau! XD*

*anak one of the kakak there~ comell haha XD*

Then sometime in the afternoon, me, Kak Siti and Kak Shipah decided to go to the dry park first before heading to the waters (ecewah) and we crossed the loonnggg bridge above the waters to get to the dry park :)

THE STAIRS was really2 tall and A LOT :P but the agonizing part was when we were crossing the bridge bare-footed (because we were directly from the ‘beach’ below, so we didn’t bring any shoes or slippers with us :P) and since it was sometime in the afternoon, the sun was nicely HEATING UP the wooden+metal bridge. Halfway through our feet were practically burning and we tried to run across. But as soon as we tried to do so, the bridge started to wobble. SCARY OKIEEEEE T.T so we had to only WALK really2 fast to get to the other side. It was sure a challenge, but we made it yayyyyyy and thankfully there was another way from the dry park to get back to the wet park Alhamdulillah :P :P

*me n Kak Shipah! Labmate in block A1 :)*

Then we tried to go into the Tomahawk ride; where it swings and swings and swings until u are upside-down and swings once again to let u fall on the other half of the circular motion. It was fun but quite hurtful, as u really do hang your body (or rather LIFE) on the safety belts when it stops halfway~ Atoii atoiii :P

All of us felt nauseous and had a little bit of headache after that ride uuggghhh :P and to my surprise, the mini zoo of Sunway Lagoon was actually at the dry park! :D (yes, I haven’t been here in ages) there were tigers, ostriches, bears, birds, snakes turtle spiders gaaaahhh :P but I didn’t really enjoy the mini zoo as I was feeling really2 nauseous, and we headed back to the wet park to get our lunch and eat :) Alhamdulillah, I felt much better after eating yayyy :D

So after lunch, I made Zohor prayers first (there’s a prayer room close to the ‘beach’! very2 convenient! :D) and we finally headed to the waters!! :D yayyyyyy eventhough I didn’t know how to swim, I surely had loads of fun getting wet! XD managed to arrive to the darkest side of the pool too haha XD

Apparently the tudung I was wearing was quite thick, and when it was drenched with water, my hearing became distorted as though water had actually entered my ear (I did spend 2-3 minutes trying to get the so-called water in my ears hahahhaa okie funny :P)

Me+Kak Ruby+ Kak Ina+ Kak Siti +2 anak buat Kak ruby were in the waters :)

Then me, Kak Siti and Kak Shipah headed to the water rides! Managed to get on to two~ the lines were long, but it was moving very quickly so it wasn’t a long wait :D and IT WAS AWESOMELY AWESOME!! XD U guys must try the water rides! :D

N then we headed to the children’s pool; the water was warm! :D and there was also a musical theatre by the pool for children to watch during the show time. It sure was fun to do some dance moves in water; more like splashing water to ur friends haha ;p

Then we headed back to the ‘beach’ for one last dip, and we changed to dry clothes before heading back home at around 4pm :)

*last dip in the waters :)*

*Me n Kak Ida (one of ma housemates) with dry clothes! XD*

On the way out, the security guard had to cut off our hand ‘bands’ and so I raised my hand for the guy to cut it off. While cutting he asked ‘nak balik da?’ n me being so blur at that moment (because everything that was on my mind was getting out of there ASAP before papa arrives, I wouldn’t want him to wait) and I said “balik? oh ha ah nak balik da” n out of the blue, he suddenly said ‘awak ni comel la’ and I dgn sgt tak sedarnya ckp ‘tima kasih’ ahahahaha okie tergelak kat diri sendiri di situ :P but then ntah ape that guy ckp lagi, sumting about kirim salam? I was like uuhh kirim salam to whooo laaa and simply walked off :P cehhhh kalau brani cube la masuk minang enciikkk, comel2 ni tak main daahhh :p

maybe I should really say that the next time someone does something like that :D

So there you go! My ‘Family Day’ with my housemates at Sunway Lagoon, which I have not been to for a verryyy veryyy long time :) I think the last time I went to Sunway Lagoon was when I was in primary/kindergarden? can’t recall hahah XD

Till next time! :)

Assalamualaikum! :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mid Summer Summary

*nenek enchem punya ;p*

There’s just another month left for summer! :( How time flies aite?

Alhamdulillah, my internship at Felda did start off with a rocky start (mostly because I psyche myself out :p) but everyone was very nice and was willing to help me and teach me, and I am now not as nervous or tension as before, and am actually enjoying my time here! :)

Eventhough my supervisor calls it a ‘hostel’, I think of my temporary home of the staff of Felda that I tumpang as my home/house already, not just a hostle or dorm :) My housemates are also all very friendly and loving, and especially naughty :p They would also give me a ride if there was an empty seat in one of the kakak’s cars, and also accompany me to pasar malam or any of the shops outside if I were to go to one of them to get some stuff eventhough they don’t have anything to get :) how sweet of them aite? :D

*pasar malam :)*

*honeydew drink is like my drug :P*

I just spent a day with my housemates and labmate on the Felda Family Day at Sunway Lagoon! :D will be updated soon in one of the next posts insya-Allah! ;)

Well, here are some of the stuff that I have done during my summer here back in Malaysia (other than my intern at FELDA :D);

-visited the kids at RACTAR

I managed to visit the kids at RACTAR before I started my internship at FELDA. And oh they still recognize me!! :’) what more one of the younger girls, Nadia, was std 6 I think when I met her two years ago. Now when I saw her that day, I went “YA Allah tingginya!” hahaha she sure have grown taller! XD and then when I sat down with them and had a little chat, I noticed that her voice had also changed! *da matang kn hihihik* and when I told her “Waahh suara pon da lain!! XD” she blushed hahaha XD

I did get some small magnets from Pennstate to give to them, and I also accidentally found some old Australian keychains and other stuff in my drawer (years and yearrrsss of stuff ago :P) and brought them there to give to the kids because I am definitely not using them :) Alhamdulillah, it turns out the keychains from Australia were favored over the Pennstate magnets hahahah pandai jugak diorang tau yg mane lagi mahal :P

One of the girls also managed to quickly ask me add maths questions. I was like “waaahhh lame gila tak buat ni hahahha :P” and hopefully I managed to help her! X)

Didn’t get any chance to go there again once my intern has started, but I’m hoping to be able to see them and Encik Dzul one more time before I head back to the States :) *encik dzul wasn’t in when I came that day.*

Oh kids of RACTAR, I miss you all so dearly! :)

-ate A LOT, visited the new place Empire :D

Since I only go back home in Subang over the weekends, my parents really take the chance to FEED me and bring me to places before I head back to Nilai for my intern on Mondays. Visited Empire which did not exist two years ago :p It’s quite a nice place, not too big not too small. And it also has a lot of restaurants and shops that other shopping complexes do not have *good strategy :P*

*The Yong Tau Foo is definitely awesome at one of the shops there! very2 soft and delicious! :)

*pavlova mama buat :D AWESOMELY DELICIOUSSS! :D*

-Watched movies, OH YEAAHH :P

So far I’ve watched Transformers, Green Lantern, Super 8 and X-men First Class! Super 8 was A.O.K, but the rest were AWESOMENESS! :P Wanted to watch Kungfu Panda 2 but it’s already limited at the cinemas (the slots of show times)~ Well just gotta wait then :) looking forward to see Harry Potter too!! It’s FINALLY OVER haha :p

*wohooo awesomeness! :D

*full of action- Transformers :D*

*Green Lantern! :)*

-spent time with siblings :)

I managed to get about a week or two to spend with BOTH my siblings as my bro and my sis’s classes were about to begin in just about a week. So my sis n my bro and I managed to wonder about, go here n there and spend some quality time together! :)

The thing I noticed about them is that yes, abang has gained justttt a little bit of weight :P so did my sis, but dulu my sis kurus kering so now she seimbang hahaha gud2 :p

*We have the same smile. Very obvious ya? :D

2 years ago, my sis didn’t have a driving licence yet, and by the time I came back she was already good at driving Alhamdulillah :D n yes, my bro n sis still ejek me on how slow I drive (well, that was 2 years ago :P) I recently drove my parents to Alam Sentral in Shah Alam to look for tudung, and they quietly complained to my sis about how fast I drove hahaha :P (but truth be told, I tot I was already driving slower than my usual speed XD)

*sibling's outing :D

-Met up with olddd olddd friends! :)

So far I’ve met up with Nina and Fadly. It was the first time both of them drove me to somewhere haha :D went shopping and eating with Nina, while Fadly and I simply sat at McD and chatted for hours (or rather, I listed to his stories? hahaha :P) It’s good to know that you have friends who appreciate you, and do not take you for granted :’)

*me n nenek weeeeeeeeee :P*

*gamba yg cun skit :P*

*a gift from Fadly! yayyyy! :D*

Oh2 I also managed to ‘serbu’ Fadly’s family’s stall at the pasar malam. Kakak2 wanted to go there, and I actually remembered that Fadly had a stall there so I managed to find his younger brother who looks SO MUCH LIKE HIM :P

oh2 and nenek enchemmm, teori kita yg ckp laki hensem suara tak sedap and laki tak hensem suara sedap masih terbukti sehingga ke hari ini! Ade satu aritu biskot terdengar an unfamiliar voice dlm lab, tp dlm hati fikir OMG suara sape tu mcm org sakit tak sedap hahahha pstu bila tgk muke eh good looking jgak nih :P

he wanted to get my facebook name to add me, but I was doing an RNA extraction (mind you, this is a very sensitive procedure!) so I told him that I will give it to him later (sbb takot RNA contaminated karang I have to repeat the whole thing noooooooooooo T.T)

And I think he misunderstood me and ckp “ok..” dgn sgt kecewa hahahha opssss sorry dude! :P Well if you really did give up too early, you may never know that the doors are actually open for you, so don’t give up! ;)

(okie nasihat mcm tak masuk dgn situation. but it’s true! :P)


Izzah and Faz got married to their respective partners, Alhamdulillah! :) May Allah always bless you and your hubby until the end of time, amin!! :)

*blue theme! kebetulan sama plak :P*

*ada jgak pegi other weddings :) papa's friend punya anak punya wedding XD

*Izzah n hubby potong kek :)*
*terasa nak kawin not when attending weddings, but when I went to a baju pengantin shop to temankn one of my kakaks yg will get married in September :) aahh cantiknyaaa baju2! :D :D

-spent more time with mama papa :)

*I took fries upstairs to chew on some for tea. When my parents saw me with the fries, they brought other stuff from the fridge for me. Surely they really want to make me extra chubby? :P

As I have mentioned, every weekend I will at least go somewhere with my parents and sis, or just my parents if my sis has other stuff to do. Papa is really offering to buy soooo many things for me =.=ll e.g.; phone, microwave, shoes bags and the list goes one (okie, my phone teruk sgt ke? T.T) while mama just likes it if I spend even just the slightest time with her :)

And just to let you know, mama didn’t believe me when I told her I had no boyfriend. (because she asked me the same question like a few days later, followed by no one trying to tackle you ke? XD) and the answer to the second question is also a NO :P Most probably because I am not the type to believe what others say or jump to conclusions (i.e. PERASAN SORANG2 :P) that someone likes me just because he is giving me more attention or gifts. If that person confesses, then only I will believe em haha :P This is a good strategy to elakkn fitnah or ngumpat ey?

And one fineee morning, the unexpected happened. While mama and I were chatting over breakfast, she suddenly said “nnt Yani give me ur email address ya? Maybe I can find someone for you~ like my friend’s sons..” I was like “Sure!” but really in my heart I was like WAAAAAAATTTT?? XD but hey I really don’t have anyone right now, so why not? XD excited jgak to see who mama would choose for me hahahahak but then she said it’s just for me to kenal2, manela tau if really suka then go ahead lah! :) n she said I guess this is wat mothers do now~ (I’m like NOOOOOO! :P)

But hey, I love you mama! ;)

Ohhh yaaaa! My sis n I did celebrate Father’s Day with papa! Bought some small cupcakes and just took some pictures ;)

*my papa jarang amik gamba :P muka photostat kn?? XD

*after Maghrib prayers :D*

Even though he’s not perfect, so is everyone else. Sometimes my sis would complain on how protective and ‘over’ caring our father is, but truth be told, I feel so much safer to walk around the shopping complex with my sis and mama when he’s around. No sampah masyarakat guys would dare to even look at me and my sis, what more approach us *or rather heeeyyy cik adik manniss comelnyaa* eee rasa nak tumbuk je! :P You won’t get such care free feeling to walk in public when papa’s not around. I would have to always be on the lookout if I was walking around with my friends/ only with girl groups.

Other than that ~ Papa, I’m a young women laaaa right nowww, so please stop treating me like a little girl can? :P

Balik2 after two years, noticed that papa's janggut has more whites than blacks already. He's surely getting older.

Anyways, I love you papa! ;)

One of my granduncle just passed away a few days ago. Al-Fatihah to Wan Burhanuddin :( Be strong okie family and friends!

I guess that’s all la so far? Or maybe there were a lot more but being very forgetful, this is all I can recall right now :9 Summer’s gonna end soon, I really look forward to finish my intern in a few weeks time, and the fasting month is coming up oh so very quickly! :D *excited2*

Till next time! :)

Assalamualaikum! ;)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Earlier This Summer

Assalamualaikum! :)

Yeaaahhh we meet again! Sorry2 for the late update :p Been very busy since I got back home! :D This is because as soon as I arrived home, I only had about less than a week to spend time with my family, to settle things for my intern as well before I start doing my intern! XD

Well to cut things short, Alhamdulillah I received the opportunity to do my internship at Felda Biotechnology Center, in Bandar Enstek N9! :D Since I was indeed all the way in the US, I only received my offer through e-mail, and I was told that housing will be provided~ Then when I arrived home at Subang, I called them to ask for the housing address and they said that the housing was full. I was like WAAAAaattttt XD And I had to start my intern right away as my supervisor, Mr.Tan, wanted me to do the internship for at least 3 months. Thankfully, he was lenient enough to let me still perform the internship yayyyy Alhamdulillah! :)

(Okay, that wasn’t short :P)

Soooo the story is to be continued bwahaha :P Because.. First things first! I managed to surprise my parents with my return home :D My friends and I took a shuttle to JFK airport, and arrived at Hong Kong 16 hours later, and finally to KLIA! :D Btw it was my first time in Hong Kong! :)

When we arrived at KLIA, my luggages were one of the last to appear isshhh :P But when I got to the place where my siblings will be waiting for me, they weren’t there yet (tak jadi nak nangis drama2 wahahaha :P) so I waited for quite a while. Soon I thought that I should try to call abang or Aida~ and yesss I only had RM50 and RM1 cash :P HOW TO MAKE PHONE CALL LEHH!! XD and when I wanted to buy maybe a drink from burger King or rather dinner~ *RM13+++ per set* I was like WAAAaaattt??? XD

Soon I found myself stalking abang2 staff KLIA that were around the area to exchange my RM1 to coins kahkahkah :P But before I managed to attack one of the pakcik2, I saw my brother looking at the flight screen~ most probably looking for my flight :D I went running to him with my trolley of begs to surprise him from behind~ Suddenly someone shouted “akak!!” and I saw Aida on my left! :D soon we hugged and I hugged my brother first because I saw a video camera in Aida’s hand n I was afraid that she will drop it if I hugged her unexpectedly hahahaha :D

*me n abanggggg :D*

*otw to carpark. GILA PANAS OKIE! XD*

Then yeaah we head back home, but we had dinner at McD before that. Oh the nikmat of McD NUGGETSSS XD

Then we headed back home to surprise mama first because papa was working that night :D Well my siblings said they were off to play badminton~ And I must say my sis is the better actor hahahaha :p

When we arrived home, my sis was suppose to be recording the surprise from the kitchen, while my brother was in charge of bringing mama downstairs :D

Abg: ma, err got sampah to throw not?

Ma: *tak penah2 anak aku tanya nak buang sampah ni mesti ade ape2*

Where’s Aida?

Abg: err Dunno~

Ma: HAH???


*finally he somehow managed to bring mama down XD*

(I was hiding at the lounge downstairs, where if you were standing at the stairs you couldn’t see me:3)

My bro was already at the lounge, while my mom was at the stairs.

Ma: Ni kenapa ni senyum2???

OMG ABANGGG issshhhhhh :P

N then mama saw me, and I salam and hugged herr :D the first thing that she said was; “Yani?? How? How come??” hahahahahaha mama2 XD

Alhamdulillah mama takdela terkejot teruk~ I was worried at first of making a surprise. Old folks kaannn, must be careful haha XD

Then we did fairly the same thing with papa :D I hid in my room and opened the room door when papa came back home from work :D

Mama said she slept well that night, as she knows all her children were at home that night :)

And I could say that those few days, my parents LITErALLY FED ME XD

Okay putting my weight gain aside, mama n my bro accompanied me to find where Felda Biotech Center was in N9. With the use of google map and GPS, we managed to find the place Alhamdulillah :D met Mr.Tan and Kak Milah for the first time, and thankfully they agreed to help me find a housing. But I had to berulang-alik from home to my practical place for about a week before being able to move into my new housing :)

*actually it is a much longer story, but Alhamdulillah I got free housing from Felda~ stay kat umah2 staff FELDA :D

I must say, da lame tak call kakak2 by KAKAK2 :P and at the lab Kak Milah calls me Ili, while others call me Wan. At the house, my housemates call me Yani. Sometimes I get confused myself with so many names hahahaha XD

But you can’t help but enjoy (or rather be stressed :P) when you made a mistake and your supervisor goes “Waaaaaaaaaannnnnn!!” XD

Here’s just what I have experienced at the beginning of my summer. Lots of things had happened that I will share with you soon, insya-Allah! :D

Till next time, enjoy your summer! ;) Salam! :D

*sibling's outing! :)*