Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I Got Hitched! :)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.!

Ahh it has been a million years (kidding, perhaps about a year plus?) since my last blog here! I apologise for all the dust that had accumulated here :P

I have been pretty busy the past year (definitely an interesting and blessed year, Alhamdulillah :D) as we all know that teachers ARE SO FREE RIGHT? 2015 was a crazy year, but indeed full of tests and blessing by Him :)

The main reason why I stopped blogging tremendously over here was because I discovered instagram (as I do love to take pictures) and I don't really like the idea of sharing sharing everyting on Facebook. I love taking pictures, but it's mainly for my own memory keepsake :) As to the reasons why I blog here too! It's just for my own personal note-taking for my goldfish memory, as my lovely housemate once stated :P

Anddd I'm the type of person who takes my blogs sort of like my artwork? Hence I really spend a lot of time writing my events and memories here, arranging the pictures to perfection (OCD sikit haha) and then only clicking 'post'. Hence the time and effort needed to blog is now a luxury to me. Instagram has helped me to keep my posts short (haha my ULTIMATE weakness!) and to also have a more private audience to share my pictures/posts with.

Previously, I would not have minded at all for posting pictures and my life stories here, but ever since I became a teacher, my audience expanded. Well, not too much of course, but a number of my children are curious little kids :P Not forgetting the new communities I'm in as well XD

I also share most of my kids' stories on Facebook, because I'd knew that those posts will at least enlighten someone's day, or give my friends a glimpse of the reality of our kids today.

So once again, apologies for the lack of updates/posts :) I guess I have grown to have more human interaction too since I became a teacher, equals to less social media interaction (bunyi mcm forever alone tak? :P)

Okay putting all seriousness and depressing notes aside, I GOT MARRIED! Alhamdulillah :)
Truly, I am indeed blessed to have met my husband in the most funniest way possible XD Let's just say that I owe a lot to my dear friend from Minnesota. You know who you are! And I'm working to find you a wife too XD AMIN!

Alhamdulillah all went well and we are officially husband and wife! :) *stories of the wedding journey and the reception... NOT SURE if I'd be posting it here or not but we'll see :P*

 *Little sneak peaks of the Nikah :D*

I was actually not at my very best weight as all my diet plans failed due to my enormous love for FOOD :P I think many people were just simply very nice to me and never mentioned ANYTHING about my weight or chubbiness during the wedding reception :P Or perhaps my height sort of covered my extra bundles of joy? XD

Well, returning back to school was when many people noticed. To be honest, I didn't gain weight because of the wedding! I gained some because my life became sedentary when I started invigilating SPM, while my food consumption remained as per normal (which is A LOT! Many people have a hard time believing I eat A LOT. I DO! Just ask my husband :P)

Sooo of course, some of my colleagues start to relate my weight gain to 'tanda bahagia' or because of the wedding. No it is not I tell you! Haha :P But deep down inside, no girl would want to be told they have gained weight especially if they had weight and body issues before. Yg paling best is kids mmg lagilah takde penapis dekat mulut :P I forgive youuu you terrible little child! XD

Alhamdulillah, Allah had enlighten my heart yesterday :) 
I stayed back after school as we had a meeting for Merentas Desa, then it was the practice for the event itself so I stayed in school (malas nak balik ulang-alik) until it was like 5.30pm. So imagine the amount of oil on my face I could use to goreng karipap and nuggets :P

But before I managed to get to my car, two of my ex-students (I unfortunately am not teaching them this year! They are in Form 5 :( ) Approached me and asked me about my wedding. They wanted to see pictures too, so I showed them perhaps only 3 pictures, because they wanted to see my HUSBAND HAHA :P 

As they looked at the pictures, they said 'Teacher, IS THAT YOU??' and I don't remember how many times I said 'Ahhh it's because of the makeup!' Since I don't wear any makeup (only on super special occasions, like getting married XD and when I have the mood on weekends?) I told them it's the makeup that was making me look different. 

The boys started complimenting on how pretty I looked, that I looked like a princess in red for my reception and that my husband was a lucky man. Really, how can you not smile at their super sincere and honest comments? :) I did try to ask them, why is he lucky? They were like of course lucky teacher! Teacher so kind, caring and pretty! 

One boy also actually tried to kipas2 himself and catch his breath after looking at the pictures in disbelief. HAHAHA So cute lah youuu XD 

One thing I remembered clearly was when I tried to justify that my makeup made me look different, one boy actually told me 'But teacher, teacher with no makeup already pretty!'

You have no idea how both of you made my day :') Alhamdulillah. Indeed Allah hears your little insecurities and make you happy through the most mysterious ways.

 *Sneak peak #2 :P Percaya tak I don't even remember how the cake looks like?*

*nak berbangga skit with these Doorgifts :P Ehem!*

Until next time! ;) 

P.S. Thank you for choosing me dear! :D I have won the race BAHAHAHA :P 

Lots of love, 
Iliani :)

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